TruePush integration with WordPress Website

Follow step 1 only if you are running an HTTPS website otherwise start from step 2.

Step 1:

The integration of TruePush with your website requires you to place TruePush script in the body section and sw.js in the root folder of the website, both are present on the app. The instruction to upload the sw.js file usually depends on your hosting provider.

  • FTP or SFTP into your server and navigate to where your site is installed.
  • Download the sw.js file from Code Integration page.

  • Paste/Upload the file directly into the root of your WordPress installation.
  • In WordPress, the sw.js file has to be parallel to the folders wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes.

How to ensure if my sw.js file is installed correctly?

You can check if you have installed the sw.js file correctly by going to your URL page and adding sw.js as the end like

Step 2:

SDK Code under Code Integration, follow the steps given below:

  • Login into the admin panel of your WordPress website with the credentials username and password. This will redirect you to the admin page of your website.

  • From the left menu, select “Editor” submenu option under “Appearance”.

  • Now Select “Theme Footer” from the right-hand side menu designated as “Theme Footer”

  • Paste the script that you get from the Code Integration page just before the closure of body tag as shown in the image.

TruePush is now integrated on your website.


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