Way to Add Test User to your TruePush Dashboard

The process to add new test user to your TP dashboard is by following the method below:

  • Firstly, login/signup into your TP account.


  • From your dashboard go to setting page by clicking on “Settings” in the left-hand bar.


  • Click on the “add new test user” on the right side under “Actions” of the Platforms.


  • In the prompt box that opens copy the URL and send it to the person,  you want to add as a test user or open in a new window of the browser and add the test user yourself.



  • A message appears saying Test User has been added successfully.

  • To check if Test user is added by going to “Subscribers” tab and going to “Test users” in the top menu.



Thus, you have successfully added a test user for your push notification services.


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