Truepush, being a Free-Forever Service, provides many high-end features that are usually, paid solutions from our other competitors.


These are some of the features that Truepush offers

  • Unlimited Notifications, Campaigns, and Websites
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Supports HTTP & HTTPS
  • Multi-browser support
  • Preview in different devices
  • 2-way Opt-in
  • RSS To Push
  • Rich Push Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • TTL & Expire of notifications
  • Website and campaign wise analytics
  • Tags
  • Custom Segmentations
  • Predefined Segmentation
  • Smart Triggers
  • Templates

And Truepush also offers a personalized dashboard and segments if required, with no additional charges.


Features that are coming soon:

  • A/B Testing
  • Personalization
  • Drip & Journey Creator
  • Snooze option
  • Automated Segmentation
  • Plugin to WordPress and other hosting sites
  • Emoji Support (working on it, but no dedicated emoji keyboard as of now – can copy and paste from other pages)
  • Send a message to Messenger on Web

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