What are the stats on Campaigns?

In TruePush Campaigns the things that are available are very simple

First, on the dashboard, it shows the following:

  • Title(The title that you have given)
  • Status(either Running, Paused or Completed)
  • Start Time Source (The time the campaigns starts)
  • Sent(How many subscribers are going to receive the notifications )
  • Delivered(How many received it)
  • Views(How many viewed it)
  • Total Clicks(How many clicked on it)


  • Actions(either Campaigns detailed stats or clone the campaign)

  1. Detailed Stats

The Detailed stats that are in the campaigns sheets are

  1. Delivery stats
  2. platform stats

3. Notification details

4. Segmentation

5. UTM details

6. Statistics

7. Countrywise stats

8.Browser Wise stats

9.Hourly stats

2. Clone Campaign

This takes it back to the create new notification tab with every form already filled out by the previous campaign.

Filters for Campaign

There are on top of the campaign page

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