What Are The Stats On Campaigns?

In Truepush Campaigns the things that are available are very simple

First, on the dashboard, it shows the following:

  • Title(The title that you have given)
  • Status(either Running, Paused or Completed)
  • Start Time Source (The time the campaigns starts)
  • Sent(How many subscribers are going to receive the notifications )
  • Delivered(How many received it)
  • Views(How many viewed it)
  • Total Clicks(How many clicked on it)


Actions(either Campaigns detailed stats or clone the campaign)

1. Campaign stats

It contains the following details.

  • Delivery stats
  • Platform stats

  • Countrywise stats
  • Browser Wise stats
  • Hourly stats

2. Clone Campaign

Clone campaign directs you to “Create a new campaign” page where all the details of the previous campaigns are filled by default.


  • Filters for Campaigns are on top of the campaign page.

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