There are more than 6,50,000+ active websites on blogger today. 

The content on your blogger site should be well created and market in a way it boosts user engagement and retention on your blog. 

In addition to that, blogger provides an easy option for websites to monetize through ads.

Therefore, you need to have a solid content marketing plan that drives existing users to your blogger website and builds your userbase too. This would generate more ROI from your hosted ads on blogger. 

Here are the best five ways to market your blogger website.

1. Send push notifications

Push notifications are the most recent adoption by marketers and the most effective one to boost user engagement. There are multiple ways you can use push notifications to market your content. Here is how to do it:

a) Send blogger push notifications for newly published blogs

blogger push notifications
source: Truepush

There have to be fixed ways of increasing the visibility of your newly published blogs. Push notifications are one of these ways.

Every time you publish a new blog on your blogger site, make sure to promote it to your audiences. Blogs and web pages that receive higher traffic within a short period after published time, get higher visibility. 

Hence, send every newly published blog through push notification campaigns and straight to your users’ desktop and mobile.

This is how a blog push notification looks like:

The moment your subscribers click on it, they will be redirected to your blogger site.

Source: Truepush

b) Push old blogs through blogger push notifications

There are often times when content marketers need to re-purpose their old blogs.

For example, you might need to update a blog that was written long ago with the right and updated information. Or, you might update your old blogs with the recent ranking keywords.

In order to make it more effective, send blogger push notifications for your old blogs.  

c)Present case studies

Case studies are an integral part of content marketing as users love to read the impacts and benefits of using any tool. 

Sending case studies through push notifications can drive higher click-through rates.

For example, you can choose attractive notification titles like,

“How (brand name) increased conversion by 120%” rather than

“how (brand name) increased conversions”

blogger push notifications
source: Truepush

Pushing case studies to your users will establish you as a brand and drive more conversions through facts and stats present to them through case studies.

Here is an example of sending case studies through blogger push notifications.

Source: Truepush

d) Promote events

Whenever you have new events coming up, for example, a webinar or a podcast, or any give-away events. You can these event updates through push notifications.

For example, below is a push campaign about a webinar.

blogger push notifications
source: Truepush

2. Create more blog snippets to get social share

Add as many snippets as you can to your blog. This will increase the shareability of social media mentions.

Your blog snippets are part of your blogs that talk about useful information to your audience.

You can create blog snippets around the below-mentioned topics: 

  • Quotes from your blogs
  • Any statistics from your blogs
  • Create different, relevant, and catchy titles for the same blog.

For example, SEMrush shares catchy stats to increase CTRs on their blogs.

blogger push notifications
Source: Twitter

3. Email your blog mentions and original sources

One more way to market your blogger site content is by mentioning various resources in it. And, then reach out to these brands through emails.

Telling brands about their useful mention on your blogs could make them share your blogs on their social media profiles and other platforms.

Here is an example of a mail pitch template to reach out to these brands: 

blogger push notifications
source: Truepush

4. Direct message to your niche influencers

Influencer blog marketing is another effective way you can implement to market your blogger site content among a wider spectrum of audiences.

Reach out to influencers and talk about your blogs. Tell them how your blog differentiates from other existing resources. Once an influencer finds it valuable enough, they would for sure mention the blogs to their audience.

Here is an email pitch example for asking influencers for your blog mention:

blogger push notifications
source: Truepush



5. Contact bloggers who backlinks to similar content

Bloggers love getting backlinks or provide backlinks to external pages”

If you do a google search on a topic. You’d find countless other resources on the same topic. All these existing resources receive backlinks from one of the website’s resources. 

You can reach out to the authors who have mentioned or backlinked similar resources like yours. And explain how it would add more value to the mention.

Getting a backlink from external sites with a good domain score boosts your website traffic and link credibility, and finally- the visibility of your blogs on SERPs. 


Marketing your blogger site content would become an enjoyable process as you will see your numbers grow through these strategies. Try out all the strategies like reaching out to blog influencers, creating more blog snippets for shareability. Don’t forget to send blogger push notifications as this easy mode of communication works pretty well with the best push notification strategies. 

Keep monitoring the content and updating it from time to time to have the optimized results by doing A/B testings.

Let us know what worked well or any other strategies that you feel it’s worth mentioning in this article? 🙂