Blogger, one of the oldest hosting platforms provides you an option to earn through your site. 

Blogger support advertisements on your website. You can display ads on your site in different ways and generate money out of it. 

To display ads on your blogger site, you need to ad platforms like Google AdSense and other similar tools.

Here is how you can use AdSense to monetize your blogger site. Later on, we’ll cover how you can use blogger push notifications to boost your ad traffic on blogs.  

Sign in to AdSense

  1. Sign in to Blogger using the link: and after signing up click on ‘blog’ from the top left corner.
  2. On the left side panel, select ‘Click Earnings’ and then chose ‘Create AdSense account. (You can check if your blogger site is qualified for AdSense)
  3. Choose your Gmail account associated with your blogger account.
  4. Fill in the AdSense details and complete account creation.
  5. Fill in your payment details and proceed with verification. 

Display ads in-between your blog posts

1. Sign in to your Blogger account.

2. From the top left corner, select the blog where you want to display ads and select the ‘layout’ option.

3. Based on the blog template you select,  go to blogs and click on ‘edit’ under the main category.

4. Select the box for ‘show ads between posts’ and select the ad structure and customize with in-build features.

5. Click on ‘save’ to begin showing ads. 

Use other ad services to display ads on your blogger

1. Sign in to Blogger.

2. From the left side panel, select blogs on which you want to show ads and click on ‘layout’ from the left menu.

3. Now, locate the place where you want to show ads and click on ‘add a gadget’.

4. Click on ‘add (+ ) symbol’ from the pop-up window beside ‘HTML/Javascript”.

5. In the content section, copy-paste the embed code of the ad.

6. Click on ‘save’ to proceed ahead. 

How to check your blogger earnings through ads?

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. From the left panel, select the blog you want to check.
  3. Now, click on choose ‘click earnings’ and then select ‘view earnings’. And, you should be able to see your earnings from ads on blogger.

Now, once you start hosting ads on your blogger website, now is the time to bring in more visitors through push notifications. 

How to boost your ad monetization using blogger push notifications?

Blogger Push notifications are clickable messages you can send straight to your user’s desktops and mobile devices. This re-engagement channel is a reliable source for consistent traffic. And, your subscribers need to just click on these announcements to come back to your site.

Bringing in website traffic means one thing- your ads receive more impressions and CTRs if your users find it relevant.

To send push notifications, you can use a free push notification tool- Turepush. It allows you to send unlimited push campaigns to unlimited subscribers with various customization options. 

You can follow the below strategies to drive visitors to your website through blogger push:

1. Work on push relevancy

Send push notifications that are relevant to your users. 

For example, If your blog talks about educational courses, then send push notifications to your users with job roles that specific courses can provide them. 

This would make your push notifications highly relevant and fetch more clicks on them. 

2. Set the right time and push notification frequency

Study your audience and its various demographics. 

Analyze the best time when your push campaigns receive the best metrics in terms of CTRs, open rates, etc. 

Once you start analyzing your best-performing campaigns, replicate the strategies to the following campaigns. 

Engage your audience in the early morning and afternoon when your users are consuming their daily dose of information on their devices. 

In addition to that, keep your push campaign count for a day to a max of 6 or 7. If you are a media blog, then the push frequency can extend up to 10-15 times a day, or once a day for e-commerce platforms. This applies to your niche as well. 

Just make sure that you are not being obtrusive to your audience. 

3. Choose the right audience

While sending push notifications, target your specific audience. 

Target your user segments based on certain criteria and make your push campaign in accord with that.
Using Truepush you can create audience segments based on parameters like location, age, gender, or create custom segments.

4. Automate push using RSS-to-push feature

The RSS-to-push feature can be used to automate your daily push hassle. This means every time you make a post live, it will automatically be pushed to all your users’ devices.
The RSS-to-push feature saves you considerable time and you can also select a specific audience segment for your campaigns. Now forget about sending notifications manually and you can focus on your work. 


Your blogger website gives you many options to monetize through ads. Once you start hosting ads through AdSense, you need to find ways to bring in more visitors to generate ROI. 

Push notifications are the most effective channel when it comes to bringing in repeat traffic to your blogger site. 

Let us know how you bring in more visitors to your blogger site to boost monetization? 

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