Hari Krishna, Founder- Thinkwide PGO.

“In fact, I was a part of those first set of people who built mobile technology in India”- Hari Krishna, Founder- Thinkwide PGO.

A fantastic journey of an engineering graduate who started his career by selling computers in Mumbai to going on trips around the world and finally becoming a founder and entrepreneur now. In conversation with Hari Krishna, The founder of PGO!

The Gist of the discussion 

Hari Krishna started off by selling computers and computer education as a sales executive and now he is the founder and CEO of a renowned company called PGO that deals with paying-guest accommodations. Throughout his journey, he really believed in fun and business and says they should go together. He then speaks about the importance of adaptability.

“Many of the technical products like Televisions, Computers are sold by non-technical people, how a technical guy would sell the product if given a chance is what drove me towards working closely with various business teams, whether it is Telenor, Vodafone or initial Hutch days. Many people called me a Business CTO, they called me techie with a pro-business mindset, so here I am as a PGO founder!”

He then explains the main idea behind PGO:

“India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem after the US and China. If you look at the government’s initiative that is vocal for local is also in support of the startup ecosystem.”

Furthermore, three main things that came to his mind when he wanted to start something of his own were:

  • Hospitality
  • Transport
  • Food

“After a lot of discussions, I have zeroed out on Hospitality! Hospitality for the students, the millennials, they need a home away from home. To support their stay options while studying, working, and finding jobs, we thought of a digital/technology platform for millennials.”

Eventually when asked about the quality of the product he says,

“I have ensured that we put factual information, the real-time pictures that we captured, taken the survey, and physically visited the properties. Our algorithm will help the stay seekers to approach only PGO verified properties and there will be no middlemen in between the deal.
Facing the feedback is important, the best way to limit the negative reviews is to accept the critics. And if a developer is replying confidently to negative reviews publicly with an action plan will get you more customers than 100s of positive reviews.”

He concludes by saying that customer empathy is the new strategy to get back the customers, understanding the customer, and giving virus-free, hygienic safe stays will be the top priority.

So let’s go PGO way!

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