Welcome to episode 13 of the podcast series – Game of Growth. Enjoy the story of Gramener, an award-winning bootstrapped data science company, on its exceptional journey of providing intelligent solutions to the world’s challenging problems. In discussion with Naveen Gattu, Co-founder at Gramener as he reveals how they implemented strategies to step up the ladder in the data science industry.

Transform your business decisions through insightful data stories –  Gramener

The presentation of the data is very crucial to make decisions and this is where the Gramener is helping the organization to find custom-build data solutions.

Gramener was founded in 2010 by ex- IBM leaders with the mission to solve the data synchronization and clubbing to shape it into a presentable form. They help in making business data insightful by using interactive visualizations through advanced analytics.

It is helping the business in bridging the gap of data consumption among the entrepreneurs by converting the data clusters into storytelling formats.

Gramener has won many awards like “Empowering societal progress with AI” by Microsoft and “Growth Champions 2020 ” by Economic Times and statista.

About the Speaker 

Naveen Gattu is the co-founder of Gramener and an ex-program manager at  IBM. He was also the General manager at Birlasoft company and later in 2010 co-founded Gramener.

Naveen is also the regular speaker at Founder’s Institute, ISB, IIIT, Nasscom, Business Analytics Conferences, Startup Leadership and other Industry forums. 

The Gist of the Discussion 

What was the reason behind starting Gramener?

Honestly speaking it was the corporate boredom which led to the idea of Gramener. We are a group of six friends who worked together during our corporate journey. During our interaction in casual times, we thought why can’t we start something of our own.

It was then when the idea got germinated and we joined hands together to start something new moving from the routine corporate life.

The second thought was to work on something which is trending in the market and with all research put together we saw data science was the trending theme during the time. So, we picked data science as our central theme and Gramener was the result.

How your products are helping the companies?

Our products provide unique data solutions to the companies so that they can make easy end decisions by using data analytics.

We help in Data consumption by using artificial intelligence and storytelling format. The data is collected in various complex and algorithmic forms which is difficult to understand. We provide solutions that convert the complex data into simple customized visualizations for easy data consumption by the end-users.

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