Digital marketing techniques are evolving every day to engage users and convert them into conversions. Marketers are always in search of affordable and latest ad marketing techniques to reach targeted users. Modern customers spending more time online has created space for push ads. The push ad’s high open rate increases the potential of reaching audiences. So, most advertisers are considering using push ads. 
First, let us have a quick overview of push notification ads before knowing about the strategies.

What are Push Notification Ads?

Push notification marketing is a digital marketing technique to draw the attention of users. It takes products or services to the customers and encourages them to take profitable actions. So, is the motive of the push ads.

Push notification ads are a popular type of native advertising. You can send ads to the user’s devices in the format of regular push notifications. Unlike display ads, they will not disturb the website design and offer a non-intrusive way to reconnect and expand audiences. 

What is Push Ads Format?

The format of web push ads is like regular push notifications. It is the reason they look more like general notifications rather than advertisements. Here is the anatomy of the push notification ads that consist of a title, description, CTA links, images, and brand icons

Needs of Push Ads Notifications?

Push notifications ads give the ability for advertisers to reach their user’s mobiles and desktops even when they are not on the app or website. They can easily connect with interested audiences because of the opt-in feature. It increases the chances of users clicking on the ads and taking meaningful actions. This feature makes push ads different from other advertising tools. It ensures quality traffic and engaged audiences.

Monetizing websites for push ad notifications will add extra revenue channels. You can collaborate with monetizing push notification tools to send relevant ads to subscribers. It sends push ads in optimized frequency and timings to gain more revenue. The push notification ad’s high click and open rate gives more exposure to the advertisers to engage audiences. So, push notifications ads are mutually beneficial.

Best Strategies for Implementing Effective Push Ads Campaign

Marketers should always have a strategy planned for every stage before implementing a new technique. We have curated the best strategies for implementing effective push notifications ads marketing.

Increase Website Subscriber's Rate

Push notification ads are permission-based ads. It means advertisers can’t send notifications to the users until they click “Allow” on the website opt-in prompts. So, you need to optimize all elements of your push notification opt-ins like content, frequency, logos, and more. You can go through our detailed article on strategies to increase the opt-in rate for push notifications. Marketers need to use every opportunity to communicate with visitors and convert them into subscribers.

Keep Relevant Content in Your Push Ads

Users subscribe to the website to receive relevant content, updates, and announcements from the website. The irrelevant notifications can annoy the subscribers and affect the brand's credibility. It can also increase the subscription churn rate. So, the website owners should plan to push ad campaigns according to subscribers’ interests and needs. You can measure the push ad’s effectiveness to optimize content and make it clickable.

For example, a fashion website runs two push ads on accessories & beauty products, and travel services. There is a high possibility that fashion users click on accessories and beauty products. This can help them to enhance their look or add to their collection. The users will not show interest in clicking on travel service ads from a fashion store. So, keeping relevant content is very important to gain benefits from push ads.

Optimize Your Push Ads Content

Content is key to success in digital marketing. Optimizing the content of your push ads can increase the chances of clicks, user engagement, and conversions. Advertisers need to check every element of push ads like titles, descriptions, ad images, logos, and CTA links. Here are a few guidelines for optimizing your push ads content.

  • Try to keep your display images and logos simple. They play a key role in brand recognition among customers.
  • Make sure your push ad notifications title and description content are clear and effective.
  • Include CTA (click-to-action) links in the push ads. So, you can take the users directly to the product or service page.

Segmentize Your Audiences

Segmentation will help you to reach particular audiences and get high conversion rates of push ads campaigns. You can separate users using different parameters like geographical location, browsers, page visits, user interest, and more. This feature is very useful to send push ads on discounts, store launches, festive sales, and more. Let us understand this feature with an example.

For instance, advertisers want to target United States users with Black Friday offers. They can narrow down their audiences by segmenting regions. This helps to reach potential audiences with low push ads notification budget.

Push Ads Campaigns Calendar

Every push notification ads have different motives like acquiring or engaging customers, special sales updates, etc. You can’t send the same push ads every time and expect users to convert. You can plan the content and campaign calendar according to the seasons, sales, new launches, and more.

For example, it is not recommended to push ads about winter fashion collections during the summer season and expect a high push ads click rate. It is because the general audiences will not concentrate on winter collections during the summer season.

Let’s take another example, it is advisable to push ads about the merchandise products during the release of a new season, movie, or audio launch. As you can have enough buzz around the brand and increase the chances of users clicking on the push ads.

Measure Your Push Ads Effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of push notifications ads provides you with more insights into the campaigns. Instead of relying on other statistics, you can have data derived from your push ads notifications. This strategy helps you to optimize the push ads content, frequency, and timings as per your industry.

Website owners can collaborate with the push marketing tool to monetize websites and send push ads to make additional revenue. They can overview the performance of the push ads from their account dashboard. You can check the campaign’s stats like click rate, view rate, and reach and calculate revenue derived from push ads notifications.

Limit the Number of Push Ads

The frequency of push notifications ads is crucial to get conversions from your visitors. It is preferable not to push ads regularly from advertisers. The users subscribe to the website push notification service to get updates but not ads. Limit your push ads to one or two per day to avoid annoying your users which can increase the unsubscribe rate.