Push notifications tool is an essential part of marketing strategies that have the potential to increase engagement level and push sales in a short span of time. The traffic that comes from these push notifications is known as push traffic. It is the source to gain additional revenue using push ads without disturbing your marketing campaigns. If you have good push traffic to your website then this article will provide you with details on traffic monetization and streaming additional revenue to the website.

Why Push Ads?

Push ads are advertisements delivered to your users that resemble the format of push notifications. They don’t occupy any extra space on the publisher’s website, unlike other native advertising. So, website owners don’t need to compromise with their website design and layout. Push ads are a non-intrusive way for advertisers to push promotions, and announcements directly to users’ devices. While other native advertisements look like banners on the website, these types of ads rather look like push notifications and reach users' devices with high performance.

Advertisers can only send ads only to users who subscribe to push notification services and this helps to have a clear idea of the targeted audiences. There is also a very low chance of bot traffic, a high click rate, and conversions with global reach. The website owners can collaborate with advertisers to push ads and gain revenue by monetizing push notifications to users. Here are the takeaways from the push ads.

  • Push ads are promotional advertisements sent by the websites to users’ desktops or devices that redirect to the product or service landing page with just one step away from conversion.
  • These are similar to desktop notification formats that consist of images, clickable links, and related content.
  • Users should opt-in to the push notifications service that forms the push traffic to send push ads.
  • They are feasible on Chrome, Firefox, Android OS, Windows, and more.

Reasons Why Push Ads are Alternative to Display Ads?

The push ads are more converting than the display ads on the websites. Here are the reasons to implement the push advertisements strategy in your growth plans.

Permission-Based Advertisement

Unlike other ad formats, users subscribe to the websites to get regular updates about products or services. Marketers can send relevant push ads to these loyal customers and have more potential reach.

Personalized Ads

You can segment the audiences as per their interest and send push ads to make more conversions. Always try to write creative and crispy lines in ads to push users to click ads and reach the product page.

Push Ads Visibility

The push ads appear on the desktop or mobile devices like app update notifications or personal alert messages on the notifications bar. So, the visibility of these ads is much higher than other advertising channels.

Cost-Effective Channel

The number of users who want to receive push notifications is increasing every day and so is the push traffic. Advertisers can find potential and abundant customers who can give quality traffic instead of investing in marketing strategies reaching everyone. The push traffic is often bought at CPC (cost per click) model and you don’t need to overpay for the impressions from non-interested users.

High Conversion Rate

The average CTR of the display ads is around 0.01% which is way lower than the average CTR of push ads 0.5%-2%.

How Does Push Notification Monetization Drives Revenue for Website Owners?

In this digital marketing world, the affiliate marketing industry has to break lines and find new ways of increasing revenue. Push notification monetization is a great opportunity to engage audiences, convince advertisers, and gain revenue. So, everyone benefits from push advertisements. Websites looking for additional revenue sources using their push traffic may find push ads as the most effective way. Let us see in detail how revenue drives into your business with push notification user monetization.

When a website has a push notification service it can gain a good number of potential subscribers by implementing best practices. It tries to make additional revenue using push traffic. So, the website can join hands with relevant advertisers to push ads for the subscribers. In this way, the websites make additional revenue by monetizing the push notification users.

For example, let us consider an office management tool that has implemented a push notification service that allows monetization. The website has managed to gain 5 lakh, loyal subscribers. Now, the website has collaborated with advertisers who want to push ads on CRM services with the CPC model.

In this case, the advertiser can send push ads to the subscribed users in push notification format and pays to the website whenever a click happens. So, if the website has potential customers who click on these ads then it brings an additional flow of revenue to the business. In this way, the management tool has a new source of revenue using their push notifications subscribers.

Websites having a fair amount of push traffic can implement a push notification ads strategy. But you need to put a decent effort into gaining potential traffic using the best push notification service. You need to remember that the user subscribed to know the website updates but not the irrelevant push ads. So, plan your push ads campaigns not to annoy users which may result in subscribers churn rate. 

Websites Where We Can Implement Push Notification Ads?

Here is the list of industries where we can implement push ads and see good results.

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Games
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • VPN & Antivirus services
  • Sweepstakes
  • Video streaming websites
  • News websites
  • Job portals

You can check the subscriber’s website visit rate and then plan the push ads which can give more adequate results. For example, let us consider a video streaming website like Netflix that has a huge number of subscribers. It is advisable that the music streaming app can plan push ads campaigns during the launch of a new season of popular series. This strategy can increase the chances of views and clicks as more subscribers stream during the particular period.

What are the Use Cases of Push Advertisements?

Let us see the use cases of push ads in various industries. The push notification ads are customizable messages and so advertisers can make their push marketing campaigns diverse to gain user engagement. Here are a few use cases of the push ads.

  • Grocery websites push ads in eCommerce stores about new offers and sales.
  • Blog websites send push notification ads on new blog posts, service updates, etc.
  • Advertisers push ads about accessories collections on popular fashion websites.
  • Push ads about new services on their parent websites.

Checklist for Push Ads Notifications to Gain High Click Rate

Now you know about push advertisements and it’s time to set up a push ads campaign. You need to optimize every element of push ads to make it work and bring revenue to the business. It’s all up to your creativity on how you customize these elements to get a high click rate for your push ads. However here are some basic rules that can help you while setting up converting push ads campaigns.

Optimize Your Images

The push ads images are the first thing that catches the audience’s glance. Advertisers will only have a limited images space to experiment. You need to keep these images simple and eye-catching to get a click. Try several patterns, adjust them according to the audience’s click rate and stick to the appropriate one. However, you can experiment with different patterns timely as you gain the trust and engagement of the audiences.

Give Creative Titles & Descriptions

Keep your push ads titles and descriptions on point. Advertisers need to remember they are trying to sell products and services but not to tell about brands. You can become creative with titles and descriptions. But remember the limited length is 40 characters to display content without truncation. So, bring on your writing skills to convenience users for making conversions. It is also wise to use emojis instead of words especially in push ads that have character limitations. 

Track Conversions

It is always wise to customize your push ads strategy based on the previous data. The best way to get this data is to measure the effectiveness of push notification ads campaigns. You can research for new techniques to add to them. This continuous process can help you to optimize the push advertising campaigns and bring results.

How to Monetize Website?

Monetization of traffic is the primary benefit of push notifications after user engagement and increased conversions.

With free push notification providers like Truepush, monetizing websites is a simple process. After reaching 30K+ push subscribers websites can join the monetization plan. Along with this, websites are eligible to send unlimited push notifications for unlimited subscribers with advanced features access.

Go now and monetize your push notifications users and add a new review source to the business.