Blogger is the second most used platform for blogs on the entire internet as per BuiltWith. The current number of active sites on Blogger is 694,307.

There are many ways to engage blogger site visitors, and one such method is sending push notifications.

Sending push notifications is an effective way to engage your users and bring them back to your site. Push notifications have higher conversions in terms of view rates, open rates than email, SMS, etc.

By the completion of this article, you should be able to know how to set-up and send push notifications from your Blogger website. 

How to setup push notifications to your blogger website?

There are two important codes that Truepush provides to start sending push notifications. 

  1. Download the service worker (sw.js) file and place it in your website’s root directory. 
  2. Copy and paste the SDK code before the closing body tag of your HTML. 

Read our detailed guide on integration Blogger with Truepush.

Once you set-up your blogger push notifications, here is how you can send them to your users. 

How to send blogger push notifications?

After you have successfully integrate the code and placed it in the right location as mentioned above, you can send push alerts straight from your Truepush dashboard.

Here is how you customize push notifications

  1. Sign in to your Truepush account.
  2. You will see the Truepush dashboard as shown below:

    Your Truepush dashboard contains all the metrics for your push notification campaigns like total subscribers, active subscribers, unsubscribers.
  3. Click on ‘create campaign’ on the top of the dashboard.
  4. Enter the details of your push campaign as shown below.a) Enter the landing page URL, notification title, message, and choose the image.
    b) Select your audience segments whom you want to engage. Read the audience segmentation guide here.
    c) Once the details of the notification are inserted, you can send blogger push notifications instantly or at your preferred timings

Follow these 7 best practices while sending push notifications. Signup with the free push notification service, Truepush and get web push notifications service for your website.