Shopify provides a simple and efficient way to create an online store with customizable settings creating a lot of space for creativity. It has 1.75 million merchants across 175 countries. 

With this wide range of Shopify users on a global level, merchants are searching for new ways to stand out from their competitors. Shopify has built-in apps for building a customer base, dropshipping, customer reviews, handling orders, and more to drive sales and pull revenue.

It’s not easy to filter from these thousands of Shopify apps and choose the best one for your e-commerce business. So, to help you around we have curated the top 45 Shopify apps to enhance the functionality of your online store.

How to Pick the Best Shopify Apps

We need to select suitable apps for the Shopify store to drive towards success. Here we have mentioned the 4 qualities you need to look at before installing a Shopify app.


Affordability is the primary aspect to consider while picking a Shopify app. You can find many Shopify apps with a free trial period. The freight class calculator provides all the prices of freight doing business on Shopify. The online calculator provides the total cost of doing business on Shopify. So, you can look over the features and make sure your investment is worth enough.


No app is worth investing time or money in without having ease of use quality. Walkthrough the app video tutorials, screenshots, and view example stores. App with multiple features but lacking user experience is not advisable. For this, you can check the App ratings in the Shopify store provided by users.

App Features

Whichever Shopify app you select, make sure that it solves your problem without causing any extra workload. You can also compare two similar apps’ features free and paid to check which app meets your standards.

Customer Service

Ensure the Shopify app has good customer service as you can get support in every step of app installation to upgrades.

Now, with these qualities in mind, let us see the best Shopify Apps to optimize your e-commerce website.

Table of Contents

Top Shopify Plugins for Online Store 2023

Top Shopify Apps for Marketing & Boost Sales

Help your shoppers find the right products in seconds and improve store user experience. Even though you have a great number of products with poor search filters then you are going to lose your sales. So, integrate product filter and search Shopify app with effective features.
  • Filter your products by brands, colours, sizing, reviews, styles, and more.
  • Enable smart search with suggestions, spellcheck, typo, and redirect customers.
  • Analyze the shopper’s behaviour with regular sales reports.
  • Pricing: Free for 14 days and $19/month

Truepush Web Push Tool

Truepush Shopify plugin is a web push notification tool that helps merchants to engage their customers. With a proven experience in various integrations like WordPress, API, PWA, and AMP sites, Truepush has launched the re-engagement Shopify tool. Here are the features of the Truepush Shopify plugin.

  • Send push notifications to remind your customers about the abandoned cart and bring them back to make conversions.
  • Automate push notifications about in-stock alerts to your Shopify store users and improve your sales.
  • Easily send product shipping updates to your customers and improve brand trust.
  • Send timely notifications about new products, offers, or sales to increase store traffic.
  • Analyze your push notifications to optimize the time, frequency, and content.

Pricing: Free up to 10K subscribers and starts at $19 for 50K subscribers. 

Edit Order

Sometimes customers provide incorrect information while ordering products. In the case of customization, they are exposed to many options and would like to change the design. For the Shopify store, this is a tedious process and the Edit Order plugin is here to help Shopify users change order details before shipping. 

  • You can easily change the shipping address, and add items to orders, colours and sizes.
  • Sales representatives can easily change taxes per line, order names, and exchanges.
  • Automatic fulfilment of user subscription items and expanded bundles.

Pricing: standard plan at $29/month and pro at $169/month

Bundle Builder

Increase your sales by making it easy for customers to buy several products together and get a discount. Selling bundling products together can help you clear out the inventory of slow-moving items by pairing them with your bestsellers. Shopify product bundles apps not only lead to happier customers, but they can also boost your bottom line.

  • Fixed amount discount
  • Create a fixed-price bundle, and the app will calculate the discount automatically.
  • Product page for each package

Pricing: Free basic plan / $9.99 per month

Pre-order manager

Imagine if a customer reaches your store and finds a few on-demand products out of stock, then there are chances that he moves to another brand. To overcome this, the pre-order manager is the best Shopify plugin trusted by more than 8,000 merchants worldwide.

  • Automatically replaces the “Add to cart” button with “Pre-order” for out-of-stock products.
  • You can customize settings like discounts, and pre-order text for certain products, variants, or collections.
  • The Shopify app is compatible with AJAX cart and all SpurIT apps.

Pricing: from free forever to $24.95/month

Bold Upsell

Increase your customer average order value by suggesting upgraded or related products to your customers on the cart page. Bold Upsell Shopify plugin trusted by thousands of merchants for quick set up of upsell or cross-selling in their stores.

  • You can add up to three upsell products and customize them based on customers’ actions.
  • Schedule your offers and upsell or cross-sell designs to save time.
  • Create a converting shopping experience with

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $9.99/month


With the Shoelace Shopify plugin, you can enhance your brand awareness and retargeting marketing techniques. You can create innovative advertisements that can drive more sales and have happier audiences.

  • Show the right advertisement at the right time for your visitors.
  • Analyze the strategies and design ads for growing your brands.

Pricing: Starts at $420/month

Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Smart SEO

Smart SEO takes care of everything about optimizing your eCommerce store and ranking in search engines to drive organic traffic and increase sales. You can cut down the time spent on SEO with this Shopify App feature. It provides a free trial version to check the usability of the app for your website.

Some of the features you can benefit from this Shopify Plugin

  • The plugin generates automatic meta tags, and relevant image alt text and fixes broken links.
  • It provides sitemap support that helps search engines to navigate websites while crawling.
  • Supports multilinguals and increases the chances of ranking your store in multiple languages.
  • Provide complete structured data to search engines in JSON-LD format.

Pricing: Free for 7 days and $4.99/month

SEO Booster

SEO Booster – SEO Marketing is a one-size-fits-all SEO software – A must-have app for quickly preparing your site for Google SEO. Allow SEO Booster to assist your website in being found on Google, increasing its exposure on a daily basis, and gaining more organic consumer traffic. Every day on your site is a joyful SEO day with SEO Booster since you can:

  • Have an easy-to-use app UI with a comprehensive tutorial.
  • Ignore SEO technical terms since everything here is quite obvious.
  • Master your SEO keywords with advice based on the most recent data.
  • Improve important SEO KPIs such as organic traffic, Google searchability, website ranking and speed, and so on.
  • Using JSON-LD, you may have your product rating, price, and stock amount displayed in Google searches.

Price: Free for 7 days and many packages matching your company size

Avada SEO

The images on e-commerce websites play an important role in attracting customers. It is required to optimize store images to rank good position in image search results. Avada SEO is the best and most affordable Shopify plugin for image optimizers with effective features.

  • Automatically adds optimized alt text to all images on the page.
  • Compresses image size and decreases the page load.
  • You can fix the broken links of images.
  • SEO analysis report for product pages and solutions.

Pricing: from free forever to $29/month

Plug In SEO

SEO is not only an important factor for your website but also for Shopify stores and Plug In SEO is perfect to optimize your stores. It manages all SEO factors and improves search results, drives traffic, and increases sales.

  • You can edit meta tags, descriptions, headlines, and alt tags in bulk.
  • Find high search volume keywords to add to product descriptions and to rank in search results.
  • Easily detect and fix the broken links for your pages.
  • Regularly check the SEO health of your store page and get suggestions to improve.

Pricing: from free forever to $20/month

Large image files will increase the page load time of your website and impact the user experience. With you can automatically compress your image without losing quality and have happy customers.

  • Compress product images, background images, blog post images, and more.
  • Suggest alt text and help your images to result in search engines.
  • Restore original images from the dashboard available for 30 days.
  • Set up compression standards and take care of your images.

Pricing: from free forever to $4.99/month

SEO Manager

Implement working and updated SEO strategies that help your store to rank better in search engines. The Shopify app is easy to use and provides real-time feedback about the performance of strategies.

  • Automatic edit of titles, descriptions, keyword suggestions, alt text, meta tags, and more.
  • Redirect out-of-stock product pages to suggested products for customer engagement.
  • The step-by-step guide will help you to create a fully optimized store with no previous knowledge.

Pricing: Free for 7 days and $20/month

Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Stores Social Marketing


Outfy provides automated solutions for effective promotion on social media platforms to reach more audiences. It helps you to save time by posting on multiple platforms automatically. You can handle multiple storesfrom one Shopify app using its features.

  • You can easily create images, videos, and Gifs with professional quality.
  • Suggests hashtags that can expose your products to wider audiences.
  • The plugin is compatible with all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, and more.

Pricing: from free forever to $60/month

One Click Social Login

Enable your customers to log in quickly using their social media accounts using One-Click social login. Remove the hassle of creating and remembering user names and passwords for your visitors.

  • Easy integration of social media login buttons on your store page.
  • Supports all leading social networks like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, etc.
  • You can customize the social login popup with colours, and fonts or apply your own CSS code.

Pricing: basic plan at $2.99/month


Get social proof for the store using your customers’ Instagram posts. It helps keep your website content fresh and get more visitors. The app automatically collects and displays product photos and videos uploaded by users to encourage new customers.

  • Show posts on customizable grids, sliders, and pop-up lightbox.
  • Adjust automatically to mobile and desktop screen sizes.
  • Tag products on your Instagram feed so customers can buy instantly.
  • Publish unlimited feeds on your store page and filter them using hashtags.

Pricing: Free trial and $4.99/month

Instagram Shop by SNPT

Convert your Instagram followers into customers. As the stats speak for themselves 81% of people search for new products or services on Instagram. But the drawback of marketing on Instagram is that we can’t give clickable product page links. You can now solve this problem using Instagram Shop by SNPT Shopify plugin.

  • Sign up using Instagram accounts, connect store, pick images and tag your products.
  • These images directly appear on your Shopify store and create lookbooks.
  • Unleash the potential of having loyal customers by displaying user-generated content.
  • Find and measure the ROI of influencers to promote your brand 

Pricing: Free Forever

Facebook Channel

Connect with billions of Facebook users and convert them into your customers. Facebook Channel Shopify app provides all the tools you need to sell products across this social network.

  • Tag products in your posts and stories to target audiences.
  • Choose a budget and optimize campaigns to lower the marketing risk.
  • Post relevant products with enticing content and engage your followers.

Pricing: Free Forever

Best Free Shopify Apps for Marketing


The Omnisend Shopify plugin is all you need to automate email and SMS marketing for your e-commerce website. The pre-built automation workflows create enchanting messages and subject lines that attract more customers to your business.

  • You can segment audiences and send personalized emails and messages.
  • Analyze performance reports and get insights for a better customer lifecycle.
  • Create responsive email templates, dynamic coupon codes, email opt-ins, wheel of fortune, and more.

Pricing: from free forever to $16/month

HubSpot Shopify App

Hubspot is all you need to organize, nurture and track your leads to customers. You can automate the marketing strategies by integrating your store data with the Hubspot Shopify app. The effective features of this plugin that help to build a strong brand are

  • Deliver automatic marketing campaigns like cart abandoned emails, product re-engagement ads, welcome notifications, and more.
  • You can measure campaign performance with full-funnel and e-commerce reports.

Pricing: Free Forever


SMSBump is the best solution to manage your SMS marketing for your e-commerce store. It is compatible with TCPA and GDPR compliance and integrates with all major Shopify apps for reviews, subscription services, loyalty points, and more. 

  • Send automatic SMS and MMS for cart recovery, welcome messages, product upsell, and shipping details.
  • You can filter your audiences to send text messages and draw sales.
  •  Keep track of your opt-out lists, discount codes, and campaigns.
  • Schedule messages as per country time zone.
  • You can set up a certain budget and optimize the campaign to not cross the value.

Pricing: Free Forever


UpPromote is an effective Shopify plugin that helps you to build your affiliate marketing and advertise products. Merchants can connect with affiliates easily and let them promote your products with links and coupons. You need to make payments whenever a purchase is made reducing the upfront costs.

  • Quick onboarding process and explore potential partners.
  • Track every order from affiliates to avoid deceit while making payments.
  • You can connect with unlimited affiliates with different commissions and stick to which one works.
  • Easily create and assign coupons for affiliate networks and influencers.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $19.99/month

Top Dropshipping Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Stores


Customization is the new trend in the eCommerce industry. Printful Shopify app is the top-rated print-on-demand drop shipping and warehousing service. With this integration, you don’t need to worry about equipment, storage, or upfront costs.

  • You can add stunning designs to high-quality products ranging from apparel to homeware.
  • Store your orders at Printful’s warehouse available globally.
  • Items are printed after the order is placed. So, you can eliminate the dead stock.
  • Create product showcase images for your store using the Printful mockup generator.

Pricing: Free Forever


Want to find products quickly to sell on Shopify stores? Then Oberlo is the perfect Shopify plugin. You can add products to your store from the AliExpress marketplace in a few clicks. It is the best and most affordable Shopify plugin to start your dropshipping business.

  • You can customize the product title and description while importing it to your store.
  • Cut down the upfront cost which means you can sell first and buy later from the marketplace.
  • The product stock levels and prices are auto-updated in your store.
  • Leave the stress of warehousing and shipping to your suppliers.

Pricing: from free forever to $29.90/month


Start your successful dropshipping business with this full-featured Shopify plugin. You can add a huge range of products from US and European brands with fast and guaranteed shipping services. 

  • All the products on Spocket are available with up to a 60% discount.
  • It regularly updates stock alerts, inventory, and tracking information.
  • Create branded invoices with your logo, customer name, and notes.

Pricing: free to browse products and starts at $24/month 

Automizely Dropshipping App

Automizely is gaining the attention of Shopify merchants with dropshipping tools. It allows users to easily find different products for their store. So, you don’t need to worry about warehousing, shipping, or products and can focus only on marketing to increase sales.

  • Get discounts on trusted branded products to add to your store.
  • Trackable and express shipping is available for all countries.
  • Edit product details like collection name, product type, and tags in your store.

Pricing: Free Forever

Modalyst for Suppliers

Source affordable products easily for your eCommerce store with the Modalyst Shopify plugin. You can connect with thousands of suppliers across the globe and add products to the store in a few clicks.

  • Communicate directly with retailers to get the necessary information.
  • Automatically updates the order stock levels, and prices for your retailers.
  • Retailers can pay directly to their payment gateway accounts before shipping.

Pricing: Free Forever 

Top Shipping Plugins for Shopify Marketplace


If you want to give a good post-purchase customer experience then the AfterShip Shopify app is all you want. You can monitor all shipments and create order tracking pages and send automatic notifications to your customers.

  • Customize the order tracking page with your logo, colour themes, and product marketing banner for upselling.
  • Supports multilingual for your email updates and auto-send notification based on order language.
  • You can filter your shipping data by date, shipment type, location, etc to analyze and take action.

Pricing: Free for 7 days and $11/month


Shopify merchants never have to worry about their products shipping with the Easyship plugin. You have access to more than 250 shipping courier agencies across the globe and save up to 70% on your shipping charges.

  • It automatically calculates the taxes, duties, GST, and courier fees for shipping products.
  • You can easily generate labels, customs paperwork, and tracking numbers from the dashboard.
  • It suggests shipping solutions based on your delivery address, product type, and weight.
  • Send shipping emails to your customers and keep them informed about the shipping.

Pricing: Free Forever

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shoppers abandon carts because of no mention of the shipping and handling costs on the checkout page. But the Shipping Rates Calculator + Shopify plugin upfronts shipping cost that includes taxes, customs fees, and more.

  • It is optimized for both mobile ad desktop screen size, layout, and styles.
  • Estimates delivery dates as per your location and shipping carrier service.
  • Customers can select different delivery locations on the cart page to know shipping costs.

Pricing: Free for 30 days and $6.99/month


Deliver your products to customers seamlessly with ShipStation and improve store usability. You can choose from more than 40+ carrier services across Canada, Australia, and the UK with international shipping services.

  • Automate order fulfilments and save time in organizing your inventories.
  • You can add brand logos, customized shipping labels, packing slips, etc on couriers.
  • Combine, split and filter your orders as per your courier services and reach customers fastly.

Pricing: Free for 30 days and $9/month

Ratings & Reviews Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Stores


A survey states that about 54.7% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. Loox Shopify plugin can help you automatically collect customer reviews and display them effectively on the home page.

  • It automatically sends email review requests based on delivery timings.
  • Use various review widgets like grid, list, popup, sidebar, and carousel.
  • Share reviews directly on various social media platforms.
  • Offer discounts for photo reviews, and referrals and boost traffic.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $9.99/month

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Rewarding your customers when they make a purchase is the best way to increase the repeat purchase. Smile enables you to add loyalty or referral programs to your store with a couple of clicks. You can boost user retention with these referral programs

  • You can create an eye-catching reward button and pop-up panel with brand logos, banner images, colours, and more.
  • Customization is simple and easy and there is no need for any coding skills.
  • Smile Shopify plugin is compatible with multilingual.

Pricing: from free forever to $49/month

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Make your customers spread the word about your product which can play a crucial role in bringing visitors to your eCommerce store. Yotpo Shopify app helps e-commerce stores to increase sales with customer content.

  • Use the reviews widget to collect product reviews, ratings, and photos from customers.
  • You can showcase these product reviews on your homepage and social media platforms.
  • Install and set up with a single click and easily migrate your existing reviews.

Pricing: from free forever to $19/month

Fera Product Reviews

Allow your customers to write product reviews to build confidence among the visitors and increase your sales. Use stunning in-built display themes to flaunt reviews on your home page.

  • Send automatic customizable review emails to your customers.
  • Collect reviews from various channels and encourage customers with loyalty points, cashback, etc.
  • The plugin automatically shows average product ratings in the search results.
  • Display reviews in multiple languages like German, Spanish, French, Thai, and more.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $9/month


Wiremo is a top-rated Shopify plugin for handling customer product reviews for your store. It has gone one step ahead by introducing AI in its Shopify app that can analyze customers easily based on their reactions.

  • Automatically send review request emails after delivering products.
  • Showcase reviews on the homepage in different widgets, site badges, carousels, etc.
  • Follow Seo tactics to get rich snippets, Google seller and shopping ratings, and more.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $19.99/month

TopCustomer Service Shopify Plugins


Helpcentre Shopify app helps you to provide effective customer service to your customers. You can build an attractive FAQ page, live chat & tabs, and help desk ticketing easily from scratch. Manage several e-commerce shops and communication channels with one Helpcenter account.

  • Import all customer inquiries from multiple channels like emails, live chat, and messenger to collect FAQs and save time.
  • Create customizable product description pages, shipping, and other information.
  • You can easily import or export the FAQ page into another Shopify store.
  • Users can customize the FAQ pages with images of brand promotions.

Pricing: from free forever to $9.9/month


Manage all your customer queries from different channels with DelightChat. You can automate all your general queries and concentrate on answering critical issues. Features of this affordable customer service Shopify plugin are below.

  • Reply using customizable templates which reduce the work burden for your representatives.
  • Manage customer query live chats from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Emails from a single screen.
  • Quickly check customer order details, delivery address, discounts, and more.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $29/month

WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Customers these days would love to have WhatsApp support for knowing product details, offers, shipping details, cash on delivery, and more. The WhatsApp Chat Shopify plugin is here to step up your business.

  • It supports multiple WhatsApp numbers with one account.
  • Customize chat buttons CTA, and display positions as per your store design.
  • Automated message templates for abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, shipment, and more.

Pricing: Free for 30 days and $9.99/month


Gorgias is a high-rated Shopify plugin for offering customer support to your eCommerce store shoppers. It reduces the ticket response time and optimizes the workflow of your customer service support team.

  • Bring all your customer request tickets from emails, live chat, phone, and Facebook to one place. 
  • Use predefined response templates that include customer orders, shipping, and payment details.
  • Apart from replies you can award loyalty points, refund, and cancel orders from the chat window.

Pricing: Basic plan at $60/month and pro at $300/month

Best Shopify Plugins to Analyze Ecommerce Stores

Reveal by Omniconvert

Reveal is a customer data app that helps you improve customer lifetime value by monitoring and analyzing customers’ behaviour and then predicting their future buying patterns. It uses the RFM model to segment customers into different groups, compiles the data, and presents it in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Reduce ad spend by using existing customer data for marketing and retargeting.
  • Create personalized offers to suit each customer group.
  • Create highly customized email flows and campaigns with Klaviyo integration.
  • Get product performance reports to help improve product assortment in real time.

Replay Live Session Recordings

Draw crucial insights by observing your visitor’s browsing behaviour. The live sessions give you an opportunity to know the most visited web pages, checked products, and other actions that lead to conversions. So, you can optimize your store to meet visitor expectations.

  • You can categorize the visitor recordings according to their actions on the website.
  • Replay Shopify app updates automatically so you never miss a new version.
  • No coding knowledge is required to install this Shopify app.

Pricing: from free forever to $29/month


More than 2000 Shopify merchants use the SimplyCost Shopify app to track the profits of their e-commerce business.

  • It considers every factor like discounts, refunds, advertising investments, shipping, and taxes.
  • You can know the most profit-driven products and make conversant marketing decisions.
  • It also calculates payment gateway processing fees and Shopify transaction fees for every order.
  • Check reports by month, day, product type, POS location, and more.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $4.99/month

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange Shopify plugin gives insights into visitor behaviour and optimizes stores to improve sales. You can watch visitor navigation on the site and check the factors preventing them from making conversions. 

  • Dynamic heatmaps show visitors’ actions like clicks and scrolls on pop-ups, dropdowns, and forms.
  • Use time-based triggers like discounts, and product recommendations to engage your visitors and turn them into customers.
  • Always have a track of your website analytics to see store performance.

Pricing: from free forever to $10/month

BeProfit : Profit & LTV Reports

Track down your e-commerce store profits and expenses with this Shopify plugin. You can convert complex data into easily understandable charts, and graphs to export with your team and take converting decisions.

  • Easily take snapshots of profits, sales, and orders.
  • Analyze profits metrics as per products or retailers.
  • Set up automatic sharing of reports through emails and CSV.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $25/month

Best Shopify Apps for Costumers Insights & Analytics

Wishlist Plus

How cool it will be if your customers can bookmark their favourite product pages and share them with others?

It will help you to know more about your shopper’s preferences to increase sales. Wishlist Plus Shopify plugin is used by thousands of merchants to run marketing campaigns through emails, Facebook, and Instagram based on wishlist activity.

  • Easily sync your user’s wishlist activity from devices.
  • Create interesting opt-ins to collect customers’ email addresses.
  • Show the number of times products are bookmarked and create social proof.

Pricing: from free forever to $14.99/month

Metrilo Growth Platform

No need to install different Shopify plugins for eCommerce store analytics, CRM, and emails when you have the Metrilo Growth Shopify app. It connects your marketing strategies and sales to evaluate the store’s performance.

  • Monitor your customer profiles and understand their purchasing behaviour.
  • Get regular reports of sales and set up your sales funnel.
  • Segmentize your audiences to send personalized emails.

Pricing: Free for 14 days and $119/month


Track your customers easily and gain customer journey insights and funnel analysis with Heapify Shopify plugin integration. The Heapify free version provides 20,000 user sessions per month. Some of the important features of this top-rated Shopify app are

  • Analyze to know conversion bottlenecks and earn more from your existing traffic.
  • Automatically tracks and records customer actions like clicks, page swipes, form field changes, and more.
  • You can add the most converting customer profiles and observe their sessions.

Pricing: Free for 7 days and $5/month