A t-shirt with your design printed on it, a coffee mug with your face on it, a mobile cover with your quote on it, personalization is hitting a high note, and people are going all gaga over it.

Product Customization: The Rising Trend

More than just the benefit of convenience of shopping anywhere, the reason people are falling for online shopping is because of the freedom of personalization that they get. Product personalization allows a user to add custom elements to the items in an online store which is why shoppers today are craving for such a kind of shopping experience. Now, to provide the same, what shop owners need is – Shopify’s Product Customizer which is all benefits for both the store owners and the customers. 

Shopify Product Customizer: Introduction, Benefits, and What is the Need?

Shopify Product Customizer tool is nothing but a custom product design software developed for e-commerce stores in Shopify. Adding it to your online store will allow your customers to customization products such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, mugs, signs, banners, and more in terms of fabric, colour, size, text, etc. without any need for technical assistance as it is very user-friendly and needs no designing experience. Built-in HTML5 and Javascript, the Shopify product design tool is compatible with all devices, including mobiles with any operating system. 

Shopify product design tool can completely customize your store experience with its various abilities like:

  • It makes customization management easy.
  • Shopify product customizer provides file upload fields for customizable products such as photo retouching or canvas prints.
  • It allows the usage of bulk actions to add or remove options to several products.
  • You can add new and unlimited options to each of your products.
  • It filters your products and provides you with a list of similar customization products.
  • It allows you to use templates of options to quickly add sets of customizations to new products.

Since we have many benefits of product customization and it is in demand, integrating Shopify product designer onto your online store will result in an increase in conversions and store engagement and will leave an impact on customers that will make them keep coming back for more. It is the type of tool that eliminates cart abandonment and helps your business flourish hassle-free!

How Does Shopify Product Customizer Work?

Although you might have got a faint idea from the name itself that it is a product customization tool, the Shopify product design tool when integrated will be directly displayed at your storefront.

Before beginning, you must figure out first; which products you would be offering customization and at what level and then invest in a compatible product designer for it to work. You can choose to integrate a Shopify product designer plugin if your web store is on Shopify, or else, you can simply search for it and find plenty of them on the internet, but it is important that you pick the one that fits in properly according to your business requirements. After choosing, integrate the designer tool with your e-commerce platform. You must then design a section in your store to display what all-ready customizations you would be offering and must also highlight how you are also offering personalization on top of the ready designs. Your customers will then have to simply choose a product, click on the “Customize” option, and enter into the customizing interface. 

How to Pick Up the Best Shopify Product Customizer?

It is the most important step as only the right fit will give you the right benefits. So, let’s go through a few pointers to understand how to identify the right Shopify product design tool among the crowd. 

  • The Shopify product designer you are planning to choose must have a user-friendly administrator panel that allows retailers to enjoy full control of their e-commerce stores.
  • It must have a flexible UI/UX. As customers will play a lot with the customization features, the user interface has to be versatile enough to cater according to their needs.
  • The Shopify product designer tool must be responsive as today’s customers are always on the move, and hence the need for customization can arise anywhere, anytime. So better check whether the software is providing design convenience through various devices such as notebooks, tablets, and mobile devices, or computer-sensitive software before investing so that your customers can easily design any product from anywhere, save it, upload photographs, share on social media, and do more. 
  • Next, make sure that the design software has easy configuration options so that you as a store owner can customize customer-specific and also minimize manual processes when orders are received. You must also be able to add up some pre-decorated editable models using which consumers can personalize the products. In short, the software must allow store owners to configure the storefront in line with their brand so that they can maintain consistent brand identity and user experience in their store.

Why Do Printers Prefer a Custom Shopify Product Configurator?

There are a few reasons why the Shopify product configurator is the first choice among printers. Take a look:

  • It allows adding any print method in the storefront; which means as a store owner, you can keep on introducing products with new print methods to your customers and thus give them uniqueness and variety in order to keep them hooked to you. The only thing to keep in mind is that the products you are adding must have a printable surface in your e-store. 
  • Secondly, with Shopify’s product designer tool, you can provide your customers with print-ready files of almost all formats that can match any types of design orders placed by your customers that too in high-resolution and can be downloaded. 
  • Lastly, the impressive pricing feature. Since customers will be customizing too many things like product color, design assets, print method or feature, etc., you can change pricing accordingly for which; product configurator Shopify offers an option to modify the price tag. 

Wrapping Up

Personalization is becoming a need of the hour as customers are now loving the fact they can give a personal touch to almost any product they are buying. Therefore, if you as a store owner are planning to go with the trend, then opting for the Shopify product designer tool must be the first and foremost step to take in order to win customers and gain good returns.