Fraction is an essential topic in mathematics to be taught to students. Often, students need help understanding fractions. Kids in elementary classes find it more difficult as they are familiar with counting at this level. Many researchers have discovered multiple methods to create ease for students, and among them, the use of a fraction calculator is a way to cross-check your answer. 

Teaching fractions to kids

Why are fractions so hard for kids?

A student's chances of success in higher school depend on its basic mathematical concepts. A fraction is one of the primary critical concepts for solving other advanced course problems. The famous mathematician author Dr. Tom Dick one of the authors of Texas Instruments Building Concepts has said a solid foundation in fractions is vital to achieving success in high school level courses. Students can get help from a fraction calculator to create a strong foundation in fractions. 

Teachers often find it challenging to teach fractions to kids for three reasons.

  •  In mathematics solutions, a student has to follow several steps to get the answer, and a younger child is not willing to follow the steps. Students need more time to be ready to develop their understanding of the topic. The actions could be more straightforward to them.
  • Kids often need clarification about challenging mathematical concepts. They think it is difficult to understand and allow the chapter to let go and leave the question in the choice.
  • Since kids are burdened with multiple new concepts. Remembering so much further information is a challenging task. Mathematicians need practice to master it. Kids avoid practicing and hard work.

Strategies to use for understanding fractions

The only way to make study easy for kids is to make it enjoyable. Here are the top five strategies to follow:

The use of manipulatives:

Fraction is an abstract concept; visualizing it is the only way to understand it. Markets are full of such manipulatives to understand whole and part concepts. They are built in different colours and shapes that attract kids to play with and understand. 

Use of Apps:

One of the best ways to teach fractions to kids is to let them practice digitally. This practice helps kids to build fluency in their fraction skills. Although many mathematics gaming and instructive digital apps on the Play Store can solidify student fraction concepts, the two apps that can help students are Squeeble Fractions and Smart Pirates. 

With apps, they can practice more and solve kids' misconceptions, which remained in their minds when a teacher taught them fraction lessons. 

Teach them with food:

For kids, food is the most exciting thing to them. What if it is pizza? You can order a pizza, count its slices, and let them visualize the complete circle as a whole and slices of it as part. And the definition of fraction is a part of a whole. Similarly, piecing cake into parts helps students remember the fractions and enjoy the activity.

Teach them with food.

Fractions through gamification:

Middle school students also need some exciting games to have fun with mathematics. Playing games is the best thing they can do. Take their e-test, which should contain some simple fractions with an addition or subtraction, and limit their time to each question. You can involve some multiplication and division of fractions. If the students still find difficulty in solving their equation, they can take advantage of adding fraction calculator 

Missing numerator game:

Games are fun activities students find exciting and always willing to play. The textbooks are also given blanks to fill the numerator when adding two or fractions, and an answer is given. With practice, students find it easy to solve fractions. This game makes it easier for kids to understand bits.

Play with clay:

Students find mathematics boring, but if it is linked to physical fun activity, it becomes interesting. Ask students to make two circles from moulding clay, cut one into six parts, and then cut the other into eight pieces. Allow them to compare the size of both triangles. Students will visually see that 1/8 is smaller than 1/6.

Play with clay

How to use a fraction calculator online for kids?

One of the key benefits of using online tools for solving fractions is quickly getting the answer. If you are more concerned about seeing the steps, you may have an option with a fraction calculator in their description. A student should do a manual step-by-step solution to the problem and then check the answer if he has difficulty.

The online calculator is beneficial not only to kids but also to teachers and other professionals who deal with fractions daily. These calculators make life much easier. 

Features of fraction calculator

Here are the following considerable features students find helpful in their studies

  • A student has to deal with proper and improper fractions in their lessons. Not only atoms but also the arithmetic operations between them. An online calculator provides support for both types of particles and their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Some conversion calculators convert fractions to decimals and vice versa, which is also a part of the student syllabus in the fraction chapter. This feature is handy when a bit has to be compared or represented better. 
  • The user interface is simple and easy for students to use. There is no hassle and complexity in opening and using an online calculator. 
  • The calculator can solve complex problems within seconds and does not need lengthy manual calculations. 
  • The calculator provides precise and reliable results; students can trust the steps.
  • A dividing fraction calculator performs division operations between two or more fractions. The fraction could be proper or improper. 


The main hindrance behind student fraction learning is a need for more interest because fractions are abstract concepts. Teachers and parents can get help from visual actis by using it more appealing. They can use technology for kids learning, like digital apps and online fraction calculators. The teaching methods have now advanced with technology. Both students and teachers can use it to make fractions easier for them.

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