Since the advancement of the world wide web, blogs have become a thing, may it be just for personal expression or a profession. It has become so prevalent that no one on the internet undoubtedly encountered one or two. You’re even reading in one! 

But what’s blogging, really? What are its advantages and disadvantages as a profession? And how can one be able to maximize their income if blogging is their career?

Understanding Blogging

Blogging is the act of regularly updating a site that contains information about a certain topic. Aside from educating people, blogging can also be useful in generating traffic from email marketing, search engines, and even social media.

It first came out as a practice in the late 90s as a way to share insights and has now become a vital key in marketing. Many businesses have utilized blogging as a way of promoting their products. 

Blog vs. Website 

Since blogs were entirely written content from the start, they are mostly confused with websites. A blog is shortened from 'weblog,' simply indicating that such 'logs' like diary entries are posted on the 'web' for others to see. In contrast, a website is a set of web pages under a single domain name. This is to clarify that a blog is a section or a part of a larger website.

It is a fact that blogs are mostly written content, like this one, but with the evolution of technology; they've also progressed with it. Vlogs and podcasts are the other blogging mediums used these days, similar to the core of the usual blogging. Vlog is derived from the term' video blog or log,' which means a blog in the form of a video. Podcasts, however, use the hearing sensation alone, for it is an audio form of a blog. These two are the most known examples of the advancement of the ubiquitous written blogs.

Listed below are some of the most popular types of blogs, written or in other forms:

  • Food blogs
  • Health and fitness blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs

Advantages of Blogging as a Profession

1. It enhances creativity. 

In blogging, you will have to come up with various ideas to produce interesting content, keep your audience engaged, and maintain or make better ones than that. This is where creativity comes into play.

2. Blogging is flexible. 

Travel bloggers work from different places on the planet. Unlike the usual corporate 9-6 job, blogging is flexible in time and specifics as a profession. We can almost say that you are your own boss; the only exception is you are not the one paying yourself.

3. The earning possibilities are limitless.

Depending on your niche, you can have multiple clients in line or one big investor that can provide for you financially. Aside from your current one/s, you can also draw more earning possibilities as you produce more content.

Disadvantages of Blogging as a Profession

1. You always have to be present on social media or the platform used. 

Sadly, even though it is flexible in most technicalities, monitoring is a big part of professional blogging. It doesn’t end once you are able to produce content. You have to monitor its engagement and the audience’s reactions and use these insights to propel your next blog.

2. It is risky and unpredictable. 

Just like any other business, there is a risk in this career path. As a professional blogger, you are highly dependent on your clients, who may back out as they see fit, or your current audience, who may also turn against you in just a blink of an eye. This job may bring in more unpredictability than stability. 

3. Income relies on your clients, audience, or platform. 

Since your blog directed by your client, revealed to your target audience, and posted on a certain platform dictates your income, it is a risk you have to be aware of. Yes, blogging can be a passive income, but it can be quite tedious at times, especially with such risk looming overhead.

Tips and Strategies To Maximize Your Income As A Blogger

1. Plan your financial goals ahead. 

It is always best to be prepared, especially in the financial aspect. And so, even as a professional blogger wherein earning income is limitless, you have to set a short-term financial goal or even one that is for the long-term if you are set on this career track.

2. Practice financial budgeting. 

Planning a financial goal is just the start of it. It is also important to apply discipline with regard to your budgeting. As there is a lot of unpredictability surrounding blogging as a profession, it is best to practice financial budgeting all the time. 

3. Consider sponsored content. 

Aside from managing your finances when it comes to blogging, most professional bloggers get their income from sponsored content. It can be through advertisements, affiliate marketing, or even corporate video production content. Keep in mind that sponsored content brings in revenue as clients and promotion to your blog.

4. Choose your niche wisely.

Let's be honest, some fields are more profitable than others due to audience size and trends. Selecting your specialized market target may just do the trick.

5. Keep up with trends.

This one may be common sense, but being updated on the current trends does a lot of magic for your business. These trends may inspire your next content that can make or break your career. 

6. Offer paid subscriptions.

Exclusive services can be one of the many considerations of your audience. By offering them one in exchange for a certain price, it will be a win-win for both parties. 

7. Promote consistently.

The best thing that you can probably do to reach a wider audience, attract business partners or collaborators, and grow your blog would be the practice of promoting continuously. Promoting is mostly free, and the myriad of available social media applications definitely makes it easier. 

8. Sell your brand's merchandise.

Creating and selling products with your brand on them is a great way to add to the list. Not only that it can promote your brand, but it can bring in more revenue too. This can either be physical or digital merchandise.

Final Words

With the prevalence of blogs—in whichever form, and the reliance of the populace on the internet, one can truly benefit from it. As a viewer, we can be educated, entertained, and updated on the current trends. It is no doubt that this can be a good source of income for bloggers, aside from sharing experiences, knowledge, and other reasons for making one. It is just a matter of how to manage or maximize it for the best.