The world has come a long way since human minds first invented the computer. The way people consume media and information has seen some revolutionary changes. And in 2020, here we are with “Podcasts”. These podcasts are quickly making their way to the top for all those who like to learn while they are on the move. These are essentially audio clips that pour knowledge into the listeners right from the word go. If you haven’t yet had your share in the podcast world or are about to get started, then you’re in luck. In this blog, we will help you find the best podcasts you can listen to from different categories in 2020.

Podcasts have a wide range of audiences as well as content, so you’ll never find yourself as the only one searching for something. From business to health, celebrities to crimes in a different nation, podcasts cover it all. Many podcasts have a different take on the content being shed out. Choosing the one that fits your description perfectly can take a while. While you’re at it, these podcasts from below can help you take a sneak peek into the world of podcasts. Ranging from a quick minute to an hour-long conversation with your favourite personality, these podcasts are sure to keep you on your toes through it all. 

Business podcasts

The business has become an obsessive topic in the modern world. Thousands of speakers, influencers, businessmen & investors have been sinking their teeth into the world of podcasts. Helping individuals and listeners to gain insights and understanding of the thought processes behind some of the biggest names, and brands in the industry. These podcasts are specifically crafted for those with the passion to grow and succeed.   

Truepush (Marketing)

Truepush happens to be a leading Push Notifications platform, empowering 20,000+ businesses with increased customer engagement & Retention. Besides, creating quality blogs just like this one for those who strive for knowledge and want to stay ahead of the competition. Truepush hosts a wide range of podcasts featuring industry leaders from renowned brands for all sorts of business enthusiasts. From startup journeys to global brand insights, you’ll find them all here.

Money for the rest of us (finance)

If you are not the type to get out there and get your hands dirty but prefer your money dropping in while you lay low on the couch then you have to be a finance enthusiast. And for all your financial advice and tips ‘Money for the rest of us’ can be your destination. Which helps millions of people across the world to manage their money and make them last. 

News & Politics

If you’re an everyday individual, then your days must begin with news around the world. The world is a busy place, a lot is happening & there’s always more to watch and know. Many platforms serve news as the main centre of attraction, and podcasts are no different. Individuals from across the globe listen to these to get all the information about their particular interests while on the go.

The Daily 

We all have heard the name “The New York Times” at least once wherever you are in this world. It is one of the most famous and influential media brands. Which is widely known for its best-in-class newspapers. The best in the world now also hosts podcasts to give people all the news they need in a subtle audio format known as “The Daily”. It carries the reputation of the New York Times into the podcasts which makes the experience more reliable and straight to the point. The show is hosted by Michael Barbaro, a well-known American journalist. 


Almost everything we touch has some sort of technology built into it. The world is progressing rapidly and so is technology. Every day there is a new invention, a new solution, a new method. Every want is met and every wish is being granted with the help of technology. Even in the toughest of times, technology has helped us make it through. There are hundreds of solutions out there for each of our problems, we are just not aware of it. 


There are a lot of changes occurring in the world as well as in technology. Keeping up with the pace can be very difficult at times. Especially keeping in mind how busy and hectic human lives have become. “Vergecast” a podcast show hosted by the popularly known tech blog “The Verge” gives an irreverent and informative look at what’s happening right now and what’s going to come, in the world of technology and gadgets. It is a one-stop to make sense of all your tech-related news out there. 


Health has become more important than ever. The pandemic has really shown the buoyancy of things in our lives. The human body is the most complex thing in the universe with so much yet so little knowledge about it. And to keep it healthy is our task at hand. Prevention is better than cure, which stands true at all times. Many healthcare tips, guidelines, remedies & much more are being shared with people across the world on different platforms where the podcasts have become an integral part of doing so. 


Hurdle is a podcast show that revolves around the health of the human body. This show showcases the people who got through tough times in their lives by integrating wellness into their routines. In this modern world, where anxiety, pressure, and obscene amounts of competition are elevated, wellness in all of its forms is an outlet. This show brings you stories from people across the globe, the lessons they learned, and hopefully be the push you were looking for, to live a healthier, happier & more motivated life.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, as quoted by the great Benjamin Franklin. Couldn’t be more true. With the world growing at a fast pace and knowledge at its peak, it is important to learn as much as we can to stay put in the stream of life. Many institutions and educational authorities are focusing on propagating knowledge among individuals through various platforms to which other inspiring personalities have joined hands through mediums like podcasts to outspread knowledge. 

99% invisible 

There are a lot of thoughts that hit our minds throughout the day. Many ideas spiral up as a result of things that we see and notice but all of those thoughts are just lost along the way. Leaving the imagination to be buried. 99% Invisible is a podcast show that’s all about the thoughts that go into the things we don’t think about, the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. If you want to make yourself stand out in a crowd when it comes to knowledge, then this podcast is your best bet.

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Truepush is a leading Push Notifications platform, empowering 20,000+ businesses with increased customer engagement & Retention.

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