People are always curious to know more about things around them. The right information is more important to act on the scenario. Especially in this uncertain pandemic caused by a virus called coronavirus or Covid-19, the live updates and the correct information plays a vital role.  People around the world are scared due to the spread of the virus. In this panic situation, the government and professionals of different fields are trying to help out the society in some way or another to pass vital information for awareness, which can help humanity to come out unharmed and safe at the end of this. Meanwhile, many websites have turned up to help the people and aid the government in finding real-time damage done to society by the virus. These websites show the dashboards which contain the complete real-time analysis of people affected or departed by the disease.

Live alerts of the spread of disease and the number of people affected by it and their location are timely updated through live dashboards. 

Using push notification service, live updates are being pushed out easily, updating all the details of the pandemic like :

  •  The survival rate of the disease,
  •  The Number of deaths caused 
  • The Number of active cases 
  • The Number of people recovered from the disease
  • The Number of severe instances etc.

The information is based on the country and can also be made region specific using the audience segmentation feature of the push notification tool while sending the notifications to the users.

Websites showing live updates-


The Red highlighted area indicates the affected region globally

This website shows the actual time data of people being affected by the virus known as covid 19. The data is represented on the world map by showing the numbers of affected people in the parts of mainland china where it started and other countries as well.


This website shows the live updates of India and indicating state-wise data.

Overall Indian Stats- COVID-19

State-wise( India)- COVID-19


This website uses a graphical approach known as a bubble graph where the bigger the bubble, the more affected the area. Clicking on any bubble gives the information in that area like mortality rate, recovery rate, and affected people.

The Indian state of Kerala, showing live updates
The Indian state of Kerala, showing live updates


The website uses a simple bar graph approach representing the expansion of the epidemic in each segmented region.

Country-wise corona cases-

Cases registered by date of the report
Cases registered by date of the report

This website uses simple numerical data for an easy understanding of information.


This website uses two approaches one is the bubble graph, and the other is the plain numerical format.


The website delivers the live updates in the local language of Odisha. This regional approach helps people looking for live Covid-19 updates in their language.

Covid-19 updates from Odhisa
The vernacular live COVID-19 updates from Odhisa.


When we look at the data, it is heartbreaking to know the present situation, which is affecting the people around the world. The live updates using push notification service can make one aware of the circumstances and so that they can take the necessary precautions to be safe and healthy.

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