API integration- for AMP

Truepush provides API integration for AMP. Follow the steps below for integration: 

AMP, an abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a stripe down version of HTML. It essentially, makes the mobile pages load faster and add to the positive reading experience. 

Note: If you are a new user – Make sure to include the sw.js file(Step 1) that is provided in the Website tab. Then follow the steps given here.

If you are an existing user – make sure that you are not using Truepush SDK initialization in AMP Pages. When you keep Website SDK code to initialize in AMP pages, AMP cache like Google will no longer recognize them as AMP Pages.


Add the following script within your AMP page’s <head> section.

Async code
Async code


Download the files below and add them to the root directory (/) of your website.

Root Directory
Root Directory


Add the following code within your AMP page’s < body> section.


Add the following button style within your AMP page’s <head> section.


Add the following button within your AMP page’s <body> section.


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