To integrate PWA (Progressive Web Apps) websites with Truepush, the following procedure needs to be followed.

STEP 1– Download Sw.js file
STEP 2– Place SDK code

STEP 1: Download the Sw.js file

The integration of Truepush with your PWA website requires you to place the Truepush script in the body section and sw.js in the root folder of the website, both are present on the app. The instruction to upload the sw.js file usually depends on your hosting provider.

1.1 FTP or SFTP into your server and navigate to where your site is installed.

1.2 Download the sw.js file from the ‘Code Integration” page on the Truepush dashboard as shown below.

1.3 Place your PWA service worker code to the sw.js file from Truepush. Save it and replace it with the existing PWA sw.js file

NOTE- To upload the sw.js file, you need access to the backend server of the website with either cPanel or FTP access.

STEP 2: Place SDK code

1.1 Go to the “code integration” on the left side of the Truepush dashboard.

A window will appear as shown below.

1.2  Copy and Paste the above SDK code just before the closing body tag of your HTML.

Now your Truepush integration is complete for PWA sites.