From having a few hundred signups to now with 15,000+ developers/ marketers across the globe using us, Truepush’s journey in one year is considered to be a remarkable one. 

Truepush is awarded as the 7th most popular Push Notifications service in India by BuiltWith. Last year we were not even on the list, and now we’ve moved up the ladder. The awards and achievements started to pour in for the product’s exceptional capabilities and rockstar support. 

Along with that, Truepush is also awarded as the-

12th most popular under the category- Push Notifications in the United States. 

14th most popular under the category- Entire Internet in Push Notifications

11th most popular under the category- Top 1 Million sites in Push Notifications.

20th most popular under the category- Top 100k sites in Push Notifications. ربح مجاني

Truepush Builtwith Awards
Truepush BuiltWith Awards

About BuiltWith:

BuiltWith is an internet services company, built to help web developers, and researchers, etc. track what technologies are being used by other websites, which may help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves.