Blogger is one of the oldest platforms for setting up your blog. There are close to seven lakh websites that are currently using Blogger.

To increase your site traffic and conversions, you need to use user engagement tools.

User engagement tools make your user interaction more effortless and relevant. These tools also provide metrics to track and other important details. 

There are user engagement tools for website engagement, in-app communication, and more.  

Why you should use engagement tools for your Blogger site?

Boost ad revenue

Blogger provides ample options to its users to display ads on their blogs. If you are able to engage your new site visitors in an effective way, you can expect a good return through your display ads on it.

Saves time 

User engagement platforms automate communication with your users. For example, sending a blogger push notification the moment your user allow to get notified. This makes it easier for brands to focus on growing the business and covering other important aspects. 

Better ROI with better website engagement 

The more you engage your users, the more you are helping them in achieving their goals. User engagement is closely linked to making your customers feel at the right place.

With a better blogger site experience, you are likely to convert your site visits and generate revenue out of it.   

Here is the list of user engagement tools, you can use to engage your blogger site visitors. 

Send blogger push notifications

Push notifications are capable to drive more than 30% of your website engagement. 

You can use the Truepush push notification platform for free. Follow this guide to set up blogger push notifications

Truepush allows you to create your audience segments and also automate your push through RSS-to-push features and more. Read about push notifications meaning and more here

Email marketing tools for blogger website

Moosend is an email marketing software that allows you to create email lists and send personalized emails.

You can automate all your workflows in Moosend along with options to customize your mail templates.

Mailetlite is another email marketing tool you can use. This tool helps in building responsive campaigns with professional designs.

On top of it, Mailerlite provides 24X7 customer support which makes it easier to use the tool further.

HubSpot is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to inbound marketing. From lead generation to conversions, HubSpot provides various functionalities to execute. Be it your marketing or sales team, the activities can be aligned in accord with your workflow. 

Live chat tools for blogger website

Drift is a conversational marketing tool you can use to communicate with leads and buyers.

It also provides the chatbot option to automate your responses for specific queries. Provide standard blogs and resources in your chatbox. Once your users start checking your blogger website resources, it will increase their awareness about the tool and engage them at the same time.

ProProfs Chat is a live chat tool that enables you to chat with Blogger site visitors in real-time.

Using ProProfs, you can anticipate customers’ questions and be right available on time. You also have the option to pin fixed responses to some queries.

Pop-up tools for blogger websites

Hello Bar is a tool you can use to create a web top bar, web pop-ups, etc.
You can guide your site visitors through events or alerts by clicking on the top bar on your page. The top bar remains stationary on your website while a user can navigate without interruption

Optinly is a web pop-up maker tool. You can create various pop-up templates with vast existing designs.

It also allows you to send triggered pop-ups based on user interaction on the blogger site.