How To Add Test User To Your Truepush Dashboard

Test users as the name suggests is used to check for the notifications. A test user can see how the notifications are coming considering its timings, appearance, and error-free content. The process to add a new test user to your Truepush dashboard is by following the steps below.


1.1 Login/signup into your Truepush account.


2.1 Go to the “settings” tab on the left side of the Truepush dashboard.

2.2 Click on the “add new test usericon on the right side under the “Actions” column as shown below.


2.3 A prompt box will open, copy the URL and send it to the person you want to add as a test user. You can also add yourself as a test user by pasting the URL in a new window and insert your name as shown below.

Note– A test user must be subscribed to your website.





2.4 A message will appear saying “Successfully added as test user“.



3.1 To check if a Test user is added, go to the “Subscribers” tab on the left side on the left side of the panel and click on “Test users” in the top menu as shown below.


Thus, you have successfully added a test user for your Push Notification services.

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