What are present in Truepush Triggers?

Triggers are the automated push notifications that can be sent at specific timings. Triggers act as a reminder and create a sense of urgency in a user’s mind.

Step to follow to create Triggers

  1. To create Triggers, go to the “Trigger” tab on the dashboard as shown below.

Triggers - Truepush

2. Fill in the data-
2.1 Trigger Name; for example, “Fill up the form now!”
2.2 Note; for example, “To get the latest Ebooks, fill-up the form from the link provided below.”
2.3 Select segment; Select from your existing segments to send triggers to or create a new segment instantly.
2.4 Template to send; select from the existing template or create a new template instantly.

3. Choose the frequency of triggers as explained below.

3.1 You can send the trigger “once” as your preferred timings after user subscription.

Trigger Frequency

3.2 Set it for a repeated delivery on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Trigger Frequency

3.3 Also, you can set multiple dates to send triggers.

Trigger Frequency

Check out the video below to set a trigger.

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