Web push technology is an internet-based communication where the data is pushed from a server without the client’s request. But you can only send push messages to users on accepting website opt-in request.

Websites can deliver various kinds of content like new blogs alert, discount offers, software updates, etc to engage audiences with web push technology. These web push notifications are valid for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Once a user subscribes or taps “allow” on opt-in prompt of your website they receive updates on their desktops or mobiles. You find many push notification service providers but among them, Truepush is a reliable platform available for free. Websites get access to intelligent features without hidden charges. These include audience segmentation, automation, notification scheduling, opt-in styles, push campaign analysis, and more. You can send unlimited push notifications to push subscribers. Marketers can add unlimited domains to one Truepush account and send push messages.

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