In 2019, we got a great lift-off from hundreds of blog owners and companies signing up with us. Many of them appreciated our push notification provider page design, and response to customer request time, and it started to get a lot of word of mouth both for online engagement and offline because Truepush is free forever with all the features of a paid push notifications provider. We had a few people asking us why we are free and what our business model is? So here we are – sharing our thought process for our product.


  1. An Introduction to free platforms 
  2. Why are Truepush notifications free?
  3. How does Truepush make money?
  4. Long Term Plans

1. An Introduction to free platforms

Any business conversion strategy requires building the customers’ trust first and upselling further to do a sustainable business. Consider Gmail, for instance. You have an account on Gmail where you receive and send your essential updates and communicate with friends and family. However, to make a business profitable, a more advanced version of this free offering comes into the picture, i.e., G Suite for business accounts. The more advanced version has its perks and benefits with different features. You get your personalized domain name. An admin has control over the associated email ids of the company and much more. Gmail uses this strategy to upsell its services by building trust in its users with its free products.    

Similarly, Google also upsells its services by providing Android for free to its users. Android here acts as the acquisition model. The revenue generation comes from using Google services that are managed by the Play store on Android. Every purchase made on the Play store contributes to Google’s revenue generated from Android.  

Several brands grow by adopting a free approach and expanding further to build a user base that converts. Having been said, about the concept of free SaaS products, the following section explains why the Truepush push notifications provider is free.  

2. Why are Truepush notifications free?

It is crucial for companies and makers to feel liberated and deliver their best product to the world rather than thinking about making huge profits. It is tough to get your customer’s attention, but it is easier to generate more ROI with the same customers once you retain them. As studies say, it is 17 times cheaper to generate ROI from existing customers than to find and earn the same from new customers.

We found out that we can be that company that can help brands with a free re-engagement tool. We want brands to re-engage their users and generate higher ROI. There are hardly any tools in this space that you can use free of cost without putting in lots of effort. So we built Truepush, free push notifications service.

With the revolution of building SaaS products at $0 and with many of the other free tools available for the makers, there will be a world with more breakthroughs, better products, and higher value generated from makers to everyone else. The more people get access to build things for free, the more they will be liberated to produce new things, and we are working hard to be a part of it. 

3. How does Truepush make money?

There are plenty of products existing in the market that adopt the freemium model. Some of the features or services are provided for free, and more advanced options are made available through the paid model. For example, Dropbox, HootSuite, MailChimp, and many more brands build trust in their users by offering free features or services, which further prompts customers to use the paid model, thus, generating LTV for these reputed brands.

Similarly, Truepush, a push notifications provider plans to monetize through its products like an all-in-one email marketing tool, SMS marketing module, etc., in the first quarter of 2021. However, the Truepush free push notifications service will remain free forever and a strong uphold for acquiring clients and hopefully, they would convert into paid users using our tools mentioned above.

4. Long Term Plans

We want to become the world’s most preferred free re-engagement suite with high-quality products in the long term.

Our goals:

  • Building re-engagement tools like an all-in-one email marketing suite. 
  • To provide free push notifications service as our acquisition model. 
  • To bring in more features and updates in all the tools we build. 

We are confident that once we have a fair market share, we will monetize one or more of the above and become profitable.

About Truepush Free Service

Truepush is the world’s free Push Notifications service, empowering 30,000+ businesses with increased customer engagement & Retention.

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