What is Truepush Monetization Plan ?

This monetization plan offers a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience without any upfront costs. With a limit of 10 campaigns per day, businesses can still effectively promote their products or services to potential customers. The added benefit of receiving two relevant ads per day that are shared with the audience is an excellent way to increase revenue. By choosing this plan, businesses can focus on creating quality content while we take care of the advertising aspect. This partnership allows for a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties can benefit from increased exposure and revenue generation. Overall, this monetization plan is an excellent option for businesses looking to expand their reach without incurring any additional costs.

limitations on campaigns that will come into effect in June 2023. While prior clients can continue with their existing plans.

Eligibility for Monetization Plan

Clients having more than 30,000 subscribers for their websites can be part of the Truepush monetization plan. Truepush tool is still free to send unlimited push notifications until you reach 30k subscribers.

Truepush Push Notification Ads

Truepush sends two relevant push ads per day to your audiences apart from regular push notifications.

How to Activate Truepush Monetization Plan ?

Truepush will automatically display the monetization plan pop-up for clients on reaching the eligibility criteria (crossing 30,000 subscribers).

Just click on Accept Monetization and we will take care of the rest. If you have any change of plan to paid service in the future (no ads, no revenue share), write an email to help@truepush.com or chat with us to make the necessary changes.


How to Track Revenue of Push Ads?

You can check the revenue from these push ad campaigns in the “Revenue Tab” of the Truepush dashboard.


You can also use filters to overview revenue in terms of day and month. You can click on any push ads and check earnings for that particular campaign.


How to enable payouts?

Based upon the revenue share, the payouts will be transferred to your bank accounts within 30 days as per Net 30 payment terms.

To withdraw, you need to have a minimum payout amount of $100. Kindly note that we update your revenue status twice per month.

To get the payments enabled- You need to provide basic details like Account holder name, Bank name, Account number, IFSC code, Branch, and Address. All your details are encrypted and protected from third-party sources.

Do You Have an Option for a Paid Plan(s) ?

Yes, if you don't want to enter the monetization plan, then you can choose to move to our affordable pricing plan. We won't send any ads to your users, meaning no additional revenue to your website from us.