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Free Plan

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up to 30k Subscribers/ Website

Unlimited websites

Unlimited Simple Notifications

Unlimited RSS feeds

Unlimited Audience Segments

Unlimited APIs

Free WordPress Plugin

Free Shopify Plugin

Growth Plan

starting at $119


up to 1 Lakh Subscribers/ Website

Unlimited websites

Unlimited Simple Notifications

Unlimited RSS feeds

Unlimited Audience Segments

Unlimited APIs

Free WordPress Plugin

Free Shopify Plugin

Monetization Plan

available for clients


more than 30k Subscribers/ Website

Unlimited websites

Unlimited Simple Notifications

Unlimited RSS feeds

Unlimited Audience Segments

Unlimited APIs

Free WordPress Plugin

Free Shopify Plugin

Scale Plan

starting at $249


Up to 2 Lakh subs/month for each website,
(For 2L +, we will give 1st lakh subs free + $60 per 1Lakh/website from then on)





Found a more affordable tool with the same features as ours? Let us know, we will slash our price for you less than them.


Truepush has been awarded High Performer for 9 consecutive quarters by G2Crowd

What Our Customers Say About Us ?

" What we like about Truepush is that the team is super-approachable! It is easy to coordinate and discuss strategies and features. And it is rather kind of the (Truepush) team to implement the suggestions on the go. Thanks! "


Co-founder, AglaSem

" The Truepush service is great, and the Team behind Truepush is helpful and always listens to its customers. They have even created the “batch notification” feature upon my request, to help reduce the stress on the website server. I recommend this product to everyone, it is free, it is solid, and the team behind it is the best ".



" Truepush is an amazing product with precise targeting features. It’s Geo-targeting and segmentation feature based on the user interest helps us to target the audience with the relevant information. Earlier with OneSignal, we’ve lost a lot of subscribers, thanks to this targeting feature which helped us save from the loss ”.


Digital Marketing Manager, The College Monk

" What I like in Truepush is incorporating RSS feeds. This feature has saved me so much time. In the past I have been using One Signal and there was no way of automating my posts. I run a job board and I post more than 20 jobs a day. The beauty of Truepush is that it incorporates feeds and automatically allows you to set notifications and intervals. This has been a crucial feature for me ".

John K

Senior Programmer, Jobs Botswana

" Truepush customer support is great. I would recommend using Truepush over other push notifications services ".

Yusuf Chowdury


"Amazing product, very easy to use dashboard, excellent service & still free" Truepush’s dashboard is very easy to use, the delivery rate is very high and customer support is excellent. Truepush push notifications is helping me in achieving higher user engagement rates.

Sunil Choudhary


" Truepush is the best for many outstanding reasons, I migrated all my sites from well-known onesignal to bold & new Truepush. Well Truepush did a magic to my sites with its integration. Mostly the script provided by truepush is extremely light weight, so page loading time is nearly not affected ".

Rahul P

I really like the interface to setup and send the Push notifications. I was in a search for a good Push Notification solution and they are giving away many features for Free which makes it a very good tool to try before you try any paid tools.

Shivbhadrasinh G

Best alternative of sending free web notification, Platform is very easy to implement & use. A good service free of cost

Rahul Rathi

“ The perfect tool to delight clients” We have configured about 3 tools before knowing Truepush and for the team at the agency it turned out to be the best to configure and teach our clients.

Bernardo Salazar


I Love this software and it's free. It is very easy to integrate and the dashboard is easy to use.

Sid Zadaun

Growth Hacker

Best Service Ever

30,000+ brands are saving up to $1200 monthly from our Free Push Platform


Is per website pricing different from per account basis?

Yes, you will be paying as per the website subscribers count instead of accounts and Truepush prices per website.

For example, if you have 3 websites in one account with 30k subscribers each, you pay $0 in total. When the subscribers count exceeds 30k (30,001 onwards) you will be paying $29 and $60 if the subscribers count exceeds 1 Lakh (from 100,001 onwards).

This is applicable to each website you add to your Truepush account.

For 1 Lakh subscribers- 30k free subscribers +(30,0001 to 1L) subscribers/website= $29

For 2 Lakh subscribers- 1L free subscribers + (100,001 to 2L) subscribers/website = $60

Do you have a WordPress Plugin?

Yes, we have. You can download the plugin here.

Do you have a Shopify plugin?

Yes, we have. You can download the plugin here.

Do you have API Support?

Yes, we have. You can check for more details.

What is the difference between Free and Paid accounts?

Up to 30k subscribers, it is free. Once the subscriber count exceeds 30k, you will be moved to a paid account. There is no difference in usage of features or speed. We are committed to giving the highest level of service to all our users.

Is there Monthly and Yearly Pricing?

There is only monthly billing. For yearly plans Write to to discuss further.

When do I start getting charged on my account?

After you hit your first 1 Lakh Users (1Lakh + 1 Subscribers), you will be asked to pay $60 and your monthly cycle of billing starts from then on. From the day you hit 1 Lakh + 1 subscriber, we check every month on the same day to upgrade your pricing plan based on the updated subscribers count. You can use the above calculator for the same.

What happens when I don’t pay on time?

If you are not paying. You will be not be able to accumulate new subscribers or send push notifications. However, your existing data won't be lost though. Once you resume the payment, you can continue to use the updated plan.

Can I pay in local currency?

If you are from India, you can pay in INR, for all other countries, we charge in USD as of now.

Are there any other plans to use?

Our pricing is simple. For up to 1L users it’s free forever. After 1 Lakh users, we charge $60 for up to additional 1L users. This is purely based on your subscribers and we don’t have multiple plans.

How do I downgrade or upgrade my plan?

Since there are no payment tiers. You cannot downgrade or upgrade options. You pay purely based on the subscriber’s count.

Who can see the billing?

Only the people who have edit access to the Truepush account can see the billing page.

Can I pay only for selected websites of mine?

Yes, you can choose selected ones from multiple websites while making payments. On the website for which you don’t want to pay, you can send unlimited push notifications for free only if your subscriber count is less than or equal to 30k subscribers.

Is Truepush completely free?

Truepush is completely free to send unlimited push notifications for up to 30k subscribers.

What is the eligibility for monetization?

Clients with more than 30k website subscribers can enter the Truepush monetization plan to add additional revenue.

How do you do the payouts?

We do payouts in Net60. You can see the revenue earned on your dashboard. To withdraw, you need to have at least $50 in your earning account.

I don’t want push ads, what should I do now?

If you don’t want push ads you can continue with our free push notifications service and affordable paid plan for more than 30k subscribers.