Did you know that push notifications have an open rate of 90%? While many marketers prioritize major channels like social media, email, or print; push notification marketing is a strategy that is often overlooked and put on the back burner. 

This is a huge missed opportunity because push notifications are more effective and easier to implement than ever before. These push messages are highly customizable, which makes it an effective approach in a time where personalized marketing is everything. 

Keep reading to get some inspiration for implementing push notifications into your own marketing strategy. These five companies provide great examples of how to engage customers with this new way of messaging. 

  • Postmates

Postmates is a great example of a company that knows how to do push notification marketing right. It is a delivery app that allows users to order from local restaurants and have the food delivered right to their doorstep. 

General mass marketing is dying out, and personalization is the new way to engage your customers and encourage them to convert. It implements personalized notifications by taking into account previous orders, customer location, and time of day. They often send out coupons that offer free delivery or 50% off any order around the time you typically order.


If Postmates notices you frequently order Thai food on Wednesday nights don’t be surprised if you end up with an incredibly specific coupon offer such as the one pictured. This is their way of tailoring their promotions to your customer profile and ensuring any promotions are relevant to your past behaviors.

This makes for an effective push notification strategy because the app takes into consideration buyer behavior. It is far less effective to send your customer a generic 10 dollar off coupon that doesn’t directly relate to them. They are more likely to ignore a coupon of this nature while a personalized coupon is certain to grab their attention. 

  • Spotify

Spotify, a well-known audio streaming platform is spot on with its push notification efforts. They take an actionable approach by providing their users with music recommendations based upon their detected music tastes.


For example, this notification lets the user know a new album has been released. The drop-down menu contains actionable next steps such as “Open in Spotify” or “Like the song” which gives users the ability to easily engage with the new content. The user likely received this notification because they have previously shown interest in one or both of the artists.

Spotify’s approach is effective because it guides the user towards the next steps. Rather than just a simple message notifying the user, there are two meaningful actions the user can take with just the click of a button. This drives app engagement rather than app opens, which is the far more desirable action of the two. 

  • Airbnb

A vacation rental app, Airbnb, creates an effective sense of urgency with its push notification marketing strategy. Airbnb’s notifications promote prompt conversions by letting users know their booking dates are filling up fast. They take information from the user’s previous searches to inform them of the occupancy percentage for their desired dates.


In this example, the user had been searching for vacation rentals in the Boston area. Airbnb notified them that there has been an increase in bookings for the dates they’ve been searching for.  First off, this reminds the user to continue the booking process and it also encourages them to act quickly. This gives users the impression that they are going to miss out if they don’t rush to book. 

An urgency-driven approach is very effective in many industries. Nobody likes the idea of missing out on something, especially if they are looking to book accommodations for say an important business trip or vacation. These types of notifications put your business at the forefront of the user’s mind and will likely speed up the conversion process as a whole which is the end goal for any business. 

  • Pioneer Airlines

Pioneer, a major airline carrier delivers relevant and timely notifications based on the user’s location. The company tracks the customer’s flight journey, gathering information such as departure and arrival cities, and any layovers they may have along the way.

They are known for sending prompt, informative notifications at just the right time. For example, a customer had just arrived at the airport when they received this notification:

Pioneer Airlines

This message notifies the customer of the security line with the shortest wait. Pioneer recognizes that airport security is often one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of the flight check-in process. Nobody likes spending more time in the airport security line than necessary, so this notification provides the perfect way to make the flying process as simple as possible. 

Notifications like these add an element of convenience. Rather than scrambling to find the shortest security line on their own, the customer can rest assured that they know where to head next. Any notification that makes your customer’s life easier is bound to be successful. 

  • Apple

Naturally, the creator of the iPhone knows a thing or two about push notifications. Apple takes a competitive approach with its notifications, which is unlike other applications. Users of the Apple Watch can start a fitness competition against friends and receive notifications on both their phones and watch throughout the day. If their friend completes a workout or surpasses them in minutes exercised or calories burned they will receive a push notification such as the one pictured.

Apple Watch

First and foremost, this is a great way to keep users motivated and on top of their fitness goals. These types of notifications add a fun element to working out and essentially gamify the usage of Apple’s activity app. This encourages users to frequently use the app in order to stay ahead of anyone they’re competing against.

Push Notification Service Providers

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Final Takeaways

Every business is different and it’s important to decide on an approach that best suits your target audience in order to be successful but one commonality you’ll notice in the above examples is that each brand utilizes customer data to personalize and enhance the user experience with their push notifications. All in all, there are many different ways to use push notifications to benefit users and make the conversion process as convenient and easy as possible. 


Ryan Gould

 Ryan Gould
Vice President of Strategy and Marketing Services


From legacy Fortune 100 institutions to inventive start-ups, Ryan brings extensive experience with a wide range of B2B clients. He skillfully architects and manages the delivery of integrated marketing programs, and believes strongly in strategy, not just tactics, that effectively aligns sales and marketing teams within organizations.

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