Preparing the engagement push notifications template is not so easy. When every other brand is trying to engage customers through different modes of communication, it’s important to have the right push notifications template which converts. 

As a free push notification provider, we have analyzed billions of types of push notifications sent by our clients. This blog lists various templates and examples of push notifications you can use or take ideas from, to make high-converting push notifications. We just made it easier for you! Read below. 

The anatomy of push notifications

A push notification is made of three main elements. 

  1. The Title
  2. Description
  3. Image (optional)
  4. CTA button (optional)
  • The title of a push notification gives a gist about the alert.
  • The description of the notification gives a little bit more detailed information or elaborates on what is mentioned in the push title. 
  • The featured image is the one that your blog includes by default or you can choose your preferred image.
  • The call-to-action buttons prompt users to click on them. However, it is optional as users can directly click on notifications and redirect to the linked website. 

Push notifications have different use cases based on the type of industry employing them. With the advancement of time, it’s not only eCommerce, Media portals, and blogger websites that use a push notification tool, but various domains of industries have started to implement a push tool in their marketing requirements. 

The below examples are taken from our client’s push notifications. Therefore, we make sure not to share any information which is not practical and of no use, but with real push notification examples. And the ultimate results? The higher conversion rate, higher engagement & retention, and brand recognition. 

Industry-wise push notifications templates with examples

Media Publishers Platforms

A media publisher platform requires users to push out regular news updates to their users about entertainment, the sports world, business insights, etc. The push updates using a push tool reach directly a user’s device. Once users click on the notification, they are redirected to the website showing a particular piece of news. 

Sending frequent media updates can be made much easier by using the RSS-to-push feature. The RSS-to-push features to automate your push notifications every time a piece of news goes live.

Push Notification Template Example for News and Media alerts

If you look at the templates below, you will find one thing in common, i.e., the use of an image in the push notifications. Images play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your users, especially when it’s a piece of news.
Key tips for news and media push alerts:

  • Include numbers and statistics in your push title or description in templates.
  • Use powerful words that leave an impact on users.
  • Keep your headlines short and prompt users to read further.

eCommerce Websites 

eCommerce websites move forward with promotions, sales, time-sensitive deals, and offers for various products and commodities. These deals are pushed out through notifications, reaching instantly to a potential buyer.

Push notifications are a useful user engagement tool at the peak times of festivals and special occasions when users look forward to buying new products and commodities at special discounts and offers. 

An eCommerce website sends out cart abandonment notifications that remind users about their incomplete purchases. Once users click on the cart abandonment notification, they are redirected to the bottom-most stage of the conversion funnel, thus, increasing the chances of an end purchase.

Key tips for e-commerce push notifications templates:

  • Include high-resolution images.
  • Mention discounts and offers on products and commodities.
  • Include call-to-action buttons like ‘Shop Now’, ‘Grab Now’, and ‘Buy Now’.

Push Notification Template Example for Affiliate Marketing (E-commerce)

Affiliate eCommerce platforms such as coupon-providing websites also use push notifications heavily to sell their coupons and to promote their partner brands. If you are an affiliate brand, you can use such templates based on the context of your promotion

Online Ed-tech Platforms

The educational shift from traditional learning to digital educational platforms has significantly increased, where 77% of educators believe that online learning is just as good as traditional learning and sometimes, better than traditional learning. 

With this broad adoption of online learning, educational platforms are in need to push timely updates to website visitors regarding the availability of courses, admissions, fee structure, certifications, offers available on courses, mock test series, college ranking, etc. 

Key tips for Ed-tech push notifications templates:
  • Don’t put misleading information about the courses and make sure to mention most of the details in the notification itself. 
  • You can use powerful words in the title or description like Admissions open, Free-course for a limited time, Courses Sale, and so on.
  • Some of the most used call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the ed-tech push templates are ‘Apply Now’, ‘Buy Now’, etc. 

Job Portals 

The number of job-seekers has increased over the past decade. With the increase in the job opportunities available in the market and the job seeker looking for a perfectly matched job, these platforms connect the job seeker with the right job opportunity. 

To inform a person about the available job in a particular company at a particular location, push notifications are used to update them precisely. The audience can be segmented based on the job category they might be seeking, or the location of the job. 

Key tips for sending job push notifications:

  • Send notifications based on the Geolocation of the users.
  • Make sure to send job updates to which users have subscribed.
  • Send job circulars for upcoming jobs and exam schedules.
  • Send job alerts that are still valid and applicable and not expired ones. 

Automotive updates and alerts

There are numerous websites that promote useful information about automobiles, reviews, new models, pricing, and more. Using push notifications to send these updates makes it easier to target a dedicated audience who looks for such resources. 

Healthcare Industry

Integrating web push notifications tool for the healthcare industry prove to be very crucial when sending alerts related to new medicines in stock, health-related tips, and so on. The concerned brands can send back-in-stock alerts, health consultation offers, retargeting alerts, and so on.

Astrology Industry

The Horoscope industry sends daily push notifications to its push subscribers. These notifications mostly range from sending daily zodiac sign alerts to best life tips, predictions, and so on.

Key tips for sending horoscope and astrology alerts:

  • Include catchy images
  • Include emojis in the description or title to add an emotional factor to it.
  • Use words that users connect to such as ‘You daily predictions, You career predictions, Tips for personal growth, and more. 

Some generic web push notifications examples for all the industries

Below is the list of push notification templates with examples considering the generic updates. Be it any industry, there are blog updates, case studies, event alerts, etc that need to reach the audience. Take a look below to find creative ideas for push notification templates.

Festive Notifications

Festive notifications include sales, offers, and discounts during the set time of the festivals. Be it 50% off on New Year, or free offerings during the Christmas, festive push updates increase revenue generation in a short span.

Key tips for sending festive push notifications:

  • Include decorative images.
  • Make an image theme similar to the occasion or a festival.
  • Include the discounts and offers in bold format.
  • Create urgency by using time-sensitive words like ‘Limited time offer’, Offer for today, ‘customized offer on Christmas’, etc. 

Sending Case Studies as push notifications

Case studies are a great source of building a brand’s reputation. In addition to that, case studies are highly used to tell the audience about the increased adoption of the brand. And, how it is helping others. Therefore, push notifications are getting attention for sending the alerts quickly. Users are just one click away to understand the growth of the bran

Promoting brand events and growth alerts

Nowadays, it is most common among brands to run collaboration events, promotional events, or a new channel of marketing to expand the brand’s presence.

Notifying informational blogs

Knowledge base blogs are the must-haves for websites to provide useful information for the audience. Sending push notifications increases the time spent on blogs and the traffic as well. 

Product Launch Alerts

Product launch updates could prove useful the moment product goes live. This can help in gathering upvotes and downloads faster than any other engagement channel like emails, SMS, etc.


To have a better engagement and retention rate, push notifications are now turning out to be the most quickly adopted tool worldwide. Therefore, efforts must be put into creating a compelling push template. 

The above-used examples should not be taken as the exact copy for your work, however, you can take ideas from them, and create compelling push notifications. The more your push campaigns are analyzed and improvised, the more stable the conversion curve becomes, thus the profitability. 

The above-discussed industries are just an example of how to use web push notifications extensively to push customers down the conversion funnel or at the end stage of making a purchase. Any domain of an industry with an online presence can start using push notifications with ease and reap the benefit of creating lifetime value from a simple push tool.