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India Live is India’s fastest-growing news network. They believe in building trust with the citizens by serving news that matters to them. We at Truepush are always happy to help websites increase their conversion rates and engagement. Here is an interview with IndiaLiveDaily sharing their experience on how they reached diverse users, increased conversion, and implemented re-engagement strategies using Truepush.

Interview With Rajdeep Das, Founder of IndiaLiveDaily
Interview With Rajdeep Das, Founder of IndiaLiveDaily

What is your website? Can you narrate us the story behind building it? (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)

https://www.indialivedaily.com | https://www.infoetc.in | The first one is a news website to serve the news that matters to the citizens. And the second one is a tech offers & deals website. The main problem which I faced before knowing about Truepush was not able to send unlimited notifications & due to their spammy looks audience felt awkward to subscribe.

What are the various growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

Push Notifications, Email Subscription, Facebook Audience Network

Do you think customer retention is crucial for businesses? How do push notifications help in it?

Nowadays, it’s getting very difficult to grab the attention as well as to keep reminding them about our business brand. So, in this case, sending them push notifications from time to time can really help to call-back the audience.

How do you plan out your push notification strategy? What are the parameters you consider while building it?

As India Live Daily is a news website it’s important to send our readers about the latest headlines via push notifications so that they can always have the interest to read. In this case, I prefer to use auto push notification & unlimited notification, which I have found in Truepush. Not only this, but also the design of the push dialogue box is awesome, especially Box+. It directly helps to gain more subscribers rather than using the classic subscription dialogue.

What is the most used push notification feature, and how it helped you in getting more conversion rates?

I mostly use the auto push feature as it helps to automatically send notifications whenever an article is published. This feature is known as “RSS to Push” in Truepush. And I highly recommend using it.

How long have you been using Truepush, and how is it helping you achieve your business goals?

I’m using Truepush for almost two months. Its RSS-to-Push feature helps to save my time of sending manual messages. Also, the AMP notifications feature is helpful to capture subscribers even when they visit the site from the Google news app.
Also, there is an option called scheduled push notification which is helpful to send a specific notification at a specific time to our audience. It helps to generate more conversations during any sale or offer period.

Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

You guys are awesome. Just a request, keep Truepush forever free.


Media companies like IndiaLiveDaily have extensively adopted the RSS-to-Push service offered by Truepush to engage their subscribers on a continuous basis. Alongside this, it has also increased its customer retention rate, a challenge faced by most businesses with the vast options available in the market.

We also assure that Truepush will remain a free forever push notification service provider. 

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