How GovtJobsAlert re-targets its diverse users using Truepush and implements other user engagement strategies as shared in an Interview with Truepush.

Interview with Sunil Choudhary, Editor at

1. What is your website? What was your intention for starting it (What is the unique problem you’re trying to solve)? Through this blog, we are providing various State and Central Government job notifications to the candidates.

2. What are the different ways of growth or marketing channels you’re trying to get more visitors on the website?

Other than google, we are mainly focusing on creating a loyal audience and getting traffic from various social platforms, E-Mails and Push Notifications. We have decent followers on Almost all social platforms (LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), email and also on Truepush.

3. How the usage of push notifications in your business impacts user growth/ How do you maximize customer retention using push notifications?

People mostly see our articles on social platforms when they are scrolling the feed, and it might be possible that if they don’t see it on their feed they might miss some important updates but through push notifications, we can update them about all-important job updates via notification in their browser so that they don’t miss any update.

4. What factors do you consider while building a push notification strategy to increase engagement?

We usually send the relevant notification and don’t send any irrelevant notification or any advertisement through push. also, we send notifications daily for keeping users engaged & updated but avoid sending too many notifications as it might irritate users and they might mute our notifications.

5. Which push notification feature do you use the most and how it helped you to solve your problem?

Schedule Notifications and Batches are the two most important features. Batches are very much helpful when we have a large subscriber base and it is important to send a notification to all users. We can set batches based on the number of users we have and our server quality, it helps us in avoiding too much load on our server.

6. How is Truepush helping you achieve your business goals?

Our current business model is mainly focused on creating a loyal subscriber base for our blog and on our various social platforms and generating revenue only through ads and this revenue is so much fluctuating every month due to various reasons. As Truepush is free it helps us in keeping our cost low and we can serve our audience even with fewer earnings and as our subscribers are constantly increasing in the future it might also provide one constant source of traffic & revenue.

7. Any feedback for the product and the Truepush team?

Truepush is amazing, it has very good features, easy to use dashboard, simple and clean analytics, decent push delivery, batch features and many more still it’s free so I appreciate the efforts by you people. However, just for a suggestion, I noticed that suppose when I send any push notification and remove Notification data (UTM source, etc) the push goes without UTM data but when in future I copy the notification it takes all the data exactly but adds notification data automatically which I have to remove every time manually.

Truepush Analysis:

Using Truepush, sends targeted push notifications to its users through the segmentation feature available from our dashboard. Truepush audience segmentation feature allows categorizing the audience into various segments based on country, state, city, platform, and browser, etc. This online job-portal is also able to achieve high CTRs i.e. on an average 8-9% using our services. Continuous engagement, personalized and targeted push notifications are the key to yield the better results. As given in the feedback, Truepush is looking at what can be done to resolve the issue.

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