Businesses use more than one website for various reasons. Juggling with multiple projects can be a convoluted process. It requires one to give a lot of time to each new project; as a result, it is essential to have a tool that allows you to duplicate your existing project to a new one.

Use of Push Notifications is on the rise as its importance is now slowly understood to the marketers. Websites can make the best use of push to retain the user’s, move them down your marketing funnel, and finally, convert them into potential buyers.

A website owner can have multiple projects depending on the type of products and services it provides. Marco Ponce, Head of Optimization at LeadsMarket, optimizes and manages close to 100 websites. All this is made possible by using Project Duplication our newly developed advanced feature.

Project duplicating is a process where an existing website can be replicated, and all its customized settings can be imported to a new project with a single click. This helps our users to send push notifications without any hassle.

Push notifications are customized and sent, keeping in mind various parameters such as user preference, segments, target audience, templates design, opt-in settings, etc.

If a user wants to create other projects, most of the time, he/she has to reset the preferences similar to the previous projects. It’s a time-consuming task and requires a lot of manual effort with a considerable amount of thinking from scratch. What if we can say it’s possible to duplicate your existing project and import it’s settings to the new project? Project duplication is an exclusive feature provided by Truepush, a free tool for Push Notifications.

Duplicating your project does not mean you can not add new features! You can import the existing one and create your own new or remove an element that is no more needed for your new projects.

duplicating project
Duplicating Projects icon as seen from the Truepush dashboard

As shown above, there is a direct duplication icon which, if clicked, would open a side panel as shown below. It comes with a very handy option for adding a URL for your new project and its related icon if any. Set a name for your new project and you are good to go.

duplication project window for push notifications
Duplication window showing features from the Truepush dashboard.

 1.Clone the Welcome Notification opt-in

Welcome Notification is as crucial as sending a highly rich notification to your subscribers. It gives a good experience to your users and builds up your trust with them. Cloning your welcome notification already present in the existing project can save you from the hassle of creating a new one and gives you time to work on other important parameters.

Welcome notification opt-in improves customer acquisition rate as it improves the user’s online engagement.

2. Import existing settings

You have created your opt-in after a lot of effort in the previous project. And, you don’t want to change its settings such as frequency, or a fixed time period after which the opt-in appears, you can allow those settings to work on your new projects as well. This helps to uplift your new projects rather than working on every single parameter all over again. Aren’t we making it so easy for our users? 

3. Importing RSS-to-Push feed

RSS to push feed is medium for content distribution to a user’s device in a standardized output. RSS feeds are so customizable that a user can literally choose what he/she wishes to see. It can be his/her preferred topics to explore, be it a technology blog or specific news from the entertainment domain. If you have multiple projects then the use of Duplication Project feature is highly recommended as it makes it the easiest way for a website owner to copy the RSS feed information to a new project.

4. Importing existing segments

A website owner gives a considerable amount of time to segmentize the audience on the basis of various key parameters such as Place, Browser, OS, City, etc. Why segmentation is crucial is another discussion over coffee. You can save a lot of time here by importing the segmentation of the existing project you have chosen. This helps to increase the re-engagement of your new project.

5. Importing existing Trigger settings

Triggers are the preset notifications that need to be sent at a particular time period to the user’s device. If your existing project has your customized settings such as setting up triggers at a particular time period, then worry not, you can import all of it in a single click, instead of setting up from scratch.

6. Importing existing Templates

Making a template is not as easy as it seems. The title and its content need to be very specific, yet engaging at the same time. How about you get the option to import that as well, without creating a new one? Extract the same message and send it to your imported audience or create a new segment. 

duplication project window for push notifications
Duplication window showing features from the Truepush dashboard.

It’s always recommended to duplicate the existing project and save time, efforts & resources by just one single click on Truepush dashboard.

Read our case study of LeadsMarket that uses the Project Duplication feature to copy existing settings from one project to another.

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