Revitalize your business passions by an inciting conversation with Chris Perrine, Vice President at G2

“Marketing research validates the opinions we’ve already had” – Chris Perrine.

This truepush G2 podcast tunes with Chris Perrine,a seasoned leader, and entrepreneur in the Asia Pacific region. He is a strong background in various fields like general management, sales, marketing, and business development. Chris is an experienced individual, helping businesses set up and expand in regions across the world, apart from being an entrepreneur, the co-founder of Springboard Research, and its successful exit through its sale to Forrester. He has obliterating experience of global management and growth, and a passion to improvise and move forward. 

G2 Podcast- Your decision tool to reach the business peak. 

G2 is the world’s leading B2B software service and product review platform. With growing technology, services, and products it has become even harder to select the right business software or services due to risky and inherently biased reviews all around the marketplace. But now G2’s real, verified user reviews platform, helps you choose what’s best for your business. Clear the clutter, limit your risk, and focus on what works. It is a platform to share business software reviews in real-time. G2 encourages businesses to make better decisions by leveraging more than 425,000 user reviews in the database. It is a tool useful for several business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts. It helps to select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.

Springboard Research

Springboard Research is a next-generation IT market research and advisory firm that offers a distinctive blend of market research that is cost-effective while retaining the quality of the research. The company was sprung to life due to lofty pricing and imbalance in the market. It is a research firm that creates unique models and delivers game-changing insights and contently ideas that translate to successful market research. The company is known for its top-notch design, moderating & analysis which competes with the best in the industry. The main goal of the company is to help businesses make better decisions. Other value-added services include the ‘before and after’ development of product/brand positioning.

An exposition of an insightful conversation.

The conversation unfolded with Chris Perrine enlightening us with some insights from the making of his company Springboard Research. It is a next-generation market research and advisory firm, which was built on the idea of making research more affordable and nimble, helping businesses around the world take better decisions. The company was later acquired by Forrester, another research giant which we happened to learn, was the part of the plan for the future of Springboard all along. 

Strategy & importance of Market Research

Before a business is started or initiated, there’s always a plan, a road map in making. An outline for your business, from the beginning to the end. The strategy was always to tap into the weak spots of market research and ponder with passion. Market research stems deeper into the roots of the making of a company. According to Chris, “Doing any plan, research is the key input to that plan”.

There are many flavors of planning as stated by Chris, in which businesses need a hand to validate their thoughts and opinions in areas like a market, strategic and expansion planning. Chris believes that market research helps a lot in extracting information from all the target markets to give you some confidence to go ahead with your plan. The best part of the research as stated by Chris is when the data shows the opposite of what we had in mind, it gives heed to critical thinking and that is what brings out the best results. 

 “Getting that data to help you design the road map for your plan”

Many companies start with extensive research but as time progresses, that concept begins to fade and that’s where the value lies. Third-party research happens to be an independent source of information that challenges your way of thinking. Which is a good thing as different opinions provoke thoughts and paves a clearer picture for decision making. 

“The continual use of research is where companies don’t get it right”

Making those informed decisions. 

Decisions are what make or break companies. In order to choose what’s the best for the company, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of what you want and what you are expecting. As per Chris, we have to search for all the different types of content, inside opinion & expertise which are brilliantly explained in the podcast. Being in this advancing world, a google search gives you millions of results. But what you’re really looking for doesn’t reflect in the pure results. As mentioned by Chris in context to this, having experts by your side guiding you doesn’t always mean that’s the best solution out there.

“Be curious, go out and look for different types of insights.“

Parting with substance 

As the podcast was coming to an end, like every other podcast the speaker shared some valuable words of wisdom, and this was no exception. Chris admires a quote by George S. Patton which reads: “A good plan aggressively executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week” throughout his business journey helping him make the most out of his decisions. You always have to make decisions, you always have to make plans, when you try to make it perfect you often miss the opportunity. We need to move quickly and get into those areas, get more experience. And ultimately get better at businesses with those experiences. 

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