Reinstate your core marketing strategies with Rajneel Kumar, Business Head – Expansion Projects & Head of Products, Zee5

“You don’t want a user to unlearn what he has already learnt and start to learn again how to do it” – Rajneel Kumar

Rajneel Kumar is Business Head, Expansion Projects & Head of Products at Zee5. He is a farsighted and optimistic market leader who has experience with various leading companies across the globe. He is a self-motivated mentor helping in building successful digital businesses & products for large organizations & startups. Rajneel has always seen a possibility where others have seen an obstacle. He believes that “When you blend beauty, curiosity, a deep understanding of your consumer with an understanding of tomorrow’s technology, we create the products and services of the future”

Zee5 – A complete entertainment package

Zee5 is an Indian-based entertainment company that was launched in the year 2018. It is a one-stop destination for the consumption of entertainment on digital platforms by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL). It has content in over 12 different languages. The ZEE5 mobile app has a huge customer base already with 100 million+ downloads via the play store. The application is available on the Web, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, etc. ZEE5 offers viewers a completely integrated entertainment offering with both on-demand and live TV. It is a Video on Demand service with exclusive originals, Indian and international movies, TV shows, music, health& lifestyle videos across languages. 

The centerpiece of Hipi zee5 podcast

The conversation emerged with Rajneel Kumar giving us an overview of the Hipi platform. We get insights into how it differentiates itself from the competition and what it means to be different in the industry. Rajneel believes that it is essential to find similarities between the products across the industry because you don’t want your customers to unlearn what they are used to.

The main focus has to be on product interaction but now on just to create a product that’s different from the competition. Using a basic design approach and understanding customer behavior to display the preference-matched content has always been the strong point of the company. The main differentiating factor is that this platform doesn’t just let you watch and interact with the content but also dive deep into the personal lives of the favorite actors and characters in context to the content, which has been a great way to carry forward the journey of the user. 

As the conversation in Hipi zee5 podcast progressed, Rajneel shared his insights on how the advertisers are acquired keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the consumers and the company. The company has been constantly refining & strengthening its security systems regarding the personal details of the customers and their payment information. He also focuses on content moderation and how it allows achieving the tag of a safe brand. 

‘Indian brands in the digital space have done well in learning from the global brands’ 

As the Hipi zee5 podcast conversation reached its roots. Rajneel spared his thoughts on how the brand distinguishes itself from the competition. Also, how the ban of TikTok has changed the perspective of Indian users towards Indian brands. From content DNA to advanced AI tools to help improve recommendations, the conversation contains insightful strategies that can prove efficacious to the listeners. He also emphasizes the marketing strategies to reach the right audience. Also, various features that are coming in the near future to revamp the industry. For more galvanizing stories head over to the podcasts.

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