As a marketer, the only wish they have is to increase their lead conversions and expand their customer base. The companies use all of the marketing strategies and efforts to achieve constant online customer engagement by creating the website with well-crafted and timely scheduled content and promoting the website and content through all the channels. 

Online customer engagement is not something that is done in a jiffy; it requires persistent efforts. There are different website engagement tools in the digital market that help to measure customer engagement with defined engagement KPI metrics.

To make an even greater impact, re-engagement is the key, and push notifications are the way to do that. Push notifications are a great user engagement strategy to establish an interactive and personalized relationship with the customers. According to a marketing survey published in 2014, 94% of marketing experts think that personalization is very important to retain customers.

Companies are utilizing push service tools for an effective campaign and constant user engagement.

The integration of push notifications provider is rapid across industries including e-commerce, content publishing, retailers, B2B SaaS, traveling, Banking, Financial, and Insurance.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are quick, small-sized updates that are pushed by the website publishers to the users on their desktops and mobile devices. When visitors arrive on the site, they will receive a prompt to subscribe. If accepted, visitors receive notifications even when they are not on the site, and when clicked, it will take the user to the sender-specified landing page.

According to local reports, 52% of mobile users enable push service on their devices for specific updates. Push notifications help in conversions and engagement of users which benefits most businesses.

This blog helps to understand the requisites emphasizing the need of web push notifications provider for businesses and why companies are opting for push notifications in this digital marketing era and how they are strategically benefiting from the features of user engagement tools- push notifications services.

Why use push notifications to improve user engagement?

Push notifications provider can deliver notifications when the user is not on the website and browsing elsewhere. Web push notifications empower businesses to spread their roots in the market and re-engage with their potential customers.

For example, consider ecommerce sites and applications and understand how browser push notifications are put in use to build compelling user engagement and re-engagement.

Online retailing is growing rapidly. Online retailers highly depend on e-commerce sites for easy access to the market.

Customers can purchase at any time and anywhere. With advanced tracking and customer insights, e-commerce sites offer personalized recommendations to customers.

However, e-commerce needs a channel to deliver the message to the customer or user of the site.

Cart abandonment is users adding products to their cart and leaving without completing the purchase of the order. E-commerce sites are using abandoned cart recovery methods to re-engage with abandoned customers.

Abandoned cart emails and SMS are sent to the customers as a reminder to complete the purchase of the order. Most of the email and SMS reminders end up in the inbox without being checked and thus reducing the chances of recovery.

But on the other hand, web push notifications delivers the message to the customer directly irrespective of registration.

If a customer has abandoned the shopping cart, a top push service will remind the customer on user’s desktop or mobile screen.

Website owners can set up automatic abandoned recovery browser push notifications to send the message of recovery within 24 hours of customer abandonment.

Web push notifications acts as a non-intrusive and soft reminder which increases the rate of recovery byre-targeting customers.

Web push notifications to improve engagement?

We have examined an example of strategic benefit achieved by the companies with web push service. Let’s look at other benefits of browser push notifications provider offer to the companies to improve engagement.

Easy and quick implementation

The implementation of push service is simple. Developing and registering the site on the browsers and working through API was a generally practiced method of implementing web push notifications.

But now there are tools available to set up push notifications for the website and apps easily.

Truepush is an easy-to-use tool. The only thing that needs to be done is to copy and paste javascript into the web page. Implementing takes only a few minutes and it’s an easy DIY platform. Our customer support will always be ready to help you out.

Permission marketing with Trusted push notifications provider

Non-interruptive marketing is the new strategic approach trending in the marketing field. Web push notification is a marketing channel with less intrusion. Trusted push platforms like Truepush simplify online customer engagement.  

Every visitor to the website decides by himself whether to receive web push notifications or not. As visitors themselves agreed to receive the notifications, they consider them less interruptive, and engagement is voluntary.

Real-time communication

Push notifications make communication real-time and notify a user instantly. A web push notification will channel the company’s message to customers regarding the most recent trends right away.

In the online era, content publishing websites and news portals are in high demand for the delivery of news. Web push notifications can be a helping hand. Whenever there is breaking news, browser push notifications can deliver it instantly by pushing it onto the user’s screen even when the user is not on the website/app.

Increase lead conversion rates

A higher leadconversion rate is an indication of business growth and a perfect conversion strategy. Visitors of the site should complete the action, whether it is filling out a form or purchasing,  downloading, or reading the content. The conversion rate is based on the motivation you provide to the visitor to complete the desired action. There is no such thing as 100% conversion but you will have higher conversion rates.  

Browser push notifications don’t have any mystical way of increasing the conversion rate. But what they can do is ‘ask the user to convert’ as every other marketing method does. Push notification user engagement is simple, clear, crisp, and comes with no distractions. The push notifications conversion rate is high as the users who opted for the service are voluntarily interested in your business.

Hike in opt-in rates

Sending push notifications is a simple process and opt-in makes it the simplest for a user to re-engage. When a visitor visits the websites, the push notification opt-in prompt pop-ups asking permission to receive push notifications. Leveraging this notification tool is a must-have for companies to have skyrocketing growth.

It is advisable to know how website owners can use push notifications for increasing user engagement. Along with having a knowledge of common mistakes and tricks to avoid them for better results.

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