Website owners consistently search for marketing automation platforms to reach a large number of audiences in a short period. While email marketing is leading this factor, push notification marketing came into existence defeating all others. It has advanced personalization with segmentation, triggers, RSS to push, batching features, and more. Recent research says that about 50% of users enable push notifications, and 72% of businesses say mobile and desktop web push messages offer greater or equal ROI than other user engagement and communication channels. For all these reasons, online websites are using push service at every stage of the customer life cycle to get big results. Moreover, visitors do not have to provide any information for subscribing to your push notifications service.

This powerful tool should be used thoughtfully by the publishers to get all benefits of using push notifications. So to assist you in building your notification service, we have researched and carefully chosen the best ways to use web push notifications to increase website traffic and business conversions.

Best Ways to Use Push Notifications to Increase Conversions & Traffic

Opt-in Notifications

The opt-in is the first and crucial step of the push notifications provider to gain subscribers and send creative push notifications. You can optimize the content of opt-in prompts as per your website service to have maximum subscriptions. Website owners can choose from one-way or two-way opt-in with different styles like optin bar, box, browser default, and more. You can implement these working strategies for increasing the opt-in rate and subscription count.

Welcome Notification

The first impressions always stick with the visitors. In the first few hours of user subscription, your brand or website name is new for visitors and allows you to mark your identification. For this, the welcome notifications are the best tool you have with push notifications.

You can send a thank you note for opt-in your service or discount code for only subscribers, download a guide for services, free e-books, or redirect to one of your high-performing or informative blogs.

For example, an educational website can send a free coding e-book download as a welcome notification for its subscribers. It will build trust among users and introduce your quality service. This increases the rate of clicking push notifications from your website.

push notifications

Push Marketing Drip Campaigns

Website owners can also use push notifications for push marketing drip campaigns. It is a process where you can send automated push messages based on the customer’s actions using triggers and segmentation. For instance, you can send notification products recommendations or reminder notifications about the service to a user after a few days of subscription.

Get Back Lost Sales with Abanded Cart Notifications

The study says that seven out of ten customers fill their carts and will not complete the transaction process. It is the region where most of the eCommerce websites are losing their conversions. Here push notifications are an effective tool to gently nudge the customers about their abandoned carts and make them revisit the websites. Truepush Shopify plugin sends automated push notifications to the customers for abandoned carts and converts them to sales. You can create different push notifications templates with discounts, gifts, or loyal points to attract customers and convert them into sales.

Target Inactive Subscribers

Driving repeat traffic is one of the main benefits of using push notifications. Push marketing will help to reactivate user attention than other channels like SMS or emails. For this purpose, you can use the segment feature.

Website owners can segment audiences with a parameter of the Last Visited Date and plan campaigns. An eCommerce website can send in-stock alerts, and educational sites can push discount notifications on new courses, etc. These types of push notifications can help to attract audiences and generate consisting and converting traffic.

push message

Collect Genuine Feedback & Loyalty Points

Feedback from the customers gives ideas for the businesses to improve their services and marketing campaigns. Using push notifications, you can get genuine feedback from the customers without intervening user experience. You can send feedback notifications to know about your products or update alerts service. Website owners can make it more interesting by adding loyalty points for providing feedback.

For example, you can observe the below push notification from an eCommerce website.

feedback push notification

You can observe the feedback button at the bottom of the push notification where users should click on the emojis provided to express their product experience.

Common Mistakes You Do While Sending Push Notifications

Here are the common mistakes every advertiser commits during the initial stages of using push notifications. So, we have curated a few of them and techniques to avoid.

Double Check Your Content

For instance, you have received a push notification with a spelling mistake. Would you continue to read the complete push notification? When a subscriber finds mistakes in content it may lead to doubt in the brand and detach from your notifications service.

The typos, spellings, irrelevant words while writing push notification content are worth checking twice. Push notification’s limited character count always calls for words that define the whole value of the message. So, you should choose the words wisely while crafting a push notification. You can follow these working tips while curating the content of web push notifications and making your campaigns successful.

Pick the Expiry Date

It is advisable to pick the expiry date for the push notification campaigns to give users more value. Let us inspect this in more detail using two different cases.

Case 1 

For example, an eCommerce website has sent push notifications about a flash sale that is valid for one day. The campaign was successful, and you made good conversions. Now, there are a few subscribers who haven’t opened their browsers and logged in the next day. They check the flash sale push notification and visit the website with excitement to find out the sale is completed.

In this case, the users may think you are pushing spam notifications, distrust your brand, and eventually unsubscribe from your service. The best way to avoid this is to provide an expiry date of one day so the users will not see the push message after the sale period completion.

Case 2 

Let us say one of your subscribers has returned from a long tour and switches desktop or tablet. In this case, the user receives a bunch of push messages from the past days that can irritate your subscribers. For this, the website owners can select the expiry date of two days for the campaigns. When the subscriber switches on the device, there will be no previous notifications to display.

Truepush, a free push notification tool provides the expiry date option in the additional settings of the campaign creation section.

Truepush dashboard

Incorrect Landing Pages

The main advantage of web push notifications is to create an immediate interaction with your website. To enhance this benefit, you have to redirect customers to the exact landing pages described in the push message. It can be sale pages, download pages, or website pages. Website owners should make sure that their subscribers have a rich experience while interacting with web push notifications.

For example, you have sent a push notification about an internet marketing blog on your marketing blog website. The CTA button in your push message redirects the user to the home page, where users have to search the title to reach the blog. As a result, the user may leave the website and will not trust you with further notifications. So, drive the users to the page what they have expected while clicking the push notification.

Generic Messages

One of the reasons visitors love push notifications is because of personalization. The website owners have a chance to talk to subscribers with tailored messages using push notifications. Recent studies also say that personalized push notifications have four times higher CTR than generic notifications. We have curated all the tips on how to use personalization in push notifications.


Push notifications are a great tool for providing value for your customers. Effectively adopting them will improve brand consistency, integrity and increase sales. We hope this article provides you with all the necessary details that you need to know before implementing the push notifications provider.