Push notifications emerged as the most effective customer engagement channel in the digital world. These crispy messages have all the elements that are required to hold the subscribers and reengage them. The nature of popping up when the subscriber comes online has increased the popularity of browser push notifications. 

Introduced in 2009, this user engagement channel is always evolving but there is still a gap in implementing strategic push notification campaigns. Marketers always try to find new use cases for push notifications and they have observed high engagement and retention rates in every situation. Today, we are here to explain one such useful feature that can increase the engagement of users–Triggered push notifications.

What are Triggered Push Notifications?

Push messages that are irrelevant and untimely will only annoy your users and likely to unsubscribe. So, to resolve this you can send triggered push notifications that reach the right audiences at the right time. This will also increase your push messages open, click and conversion rates.

Triggered push notifications are sent to the website users at a specific time and right content. You can set these push messages to send once, repetitively or on multiple dates. They can create an urgency among users to take immediate action that can increase the success rate of your push campaign. You can set these automated push notifications by choosing the audience segments and push notification templates.

Benefits of Using Triggered Push Notifications

Triggered web push notifications are suitable for every industry that can nudge the users to revisit the website and make a conversion. Here are the benefits of using triggered push notifications.

Nurture your users- Providing useful updates, and relevant content at the right timing will push users down the funnel and convert them to loyal customers. 

Automate Engagement- Automating push notifications will save your team time and effort. Set these automated push notifications and sit back to analyze the increase in your engagement and retention. 

Increased Relevancy- With the increase in digital marketing, your users’ device notification panel is crowded with messages from competitors. By sending triggered push notifications you have the ability to send the most relevant notifications and get a high response rate.

Improve Customer Experience- Sending triggered notifications with relevant content delivers a personalized experience to your users. This shows that you care about your users and are there to help them.

Increased Brand Awareness- Making periodic appearances with relevant content will keep you on top of your users minds. This will also improve your reference traffic with mouth marketing.  

As we learn the benefits of using triggers in push notifications there are a few tips for implementing them to gain all benefits. 

Tips to Implement Triggered Push Notifications

According to a recent Blueshift Report, Triggered push notifications are 1490% more effective than other push messages. As mentioned you can segment, customize and personalize notifications automatically. But here are the tips that can assist you in implementing triggered notifications.

Know Your Buyer Persona

You need to have a buyer persona when using automated marketing as you can’t figure out the exact behaviour of the user. It leverages segmenting audiences and personalize notifications to attract and retain subscribers.

Marketers will have details like customer touch points, challenges in the customer journey, user expectations and more. This gives the right input in planning a push notification campaign for your website. 

Triggers Timing

Marketers use triggered push notifications to be at the right place at the right time. Reaching users at the right time will help you to form a bond and improves brand trust & loyalty. Also, sending push notifications at odd times will only land you with crowded notifications with less view rate. 

With our free push notifications service, you can set the desired timing to the push notifications with the triggers feature. Set up the exact date and time for your triggered push notifications as shown below.

Actionable Content

Digital marketing success rate revolves around content. Keep an eye on push notification content that can engage users to take an action. Because of the character limit in push messages writers have to convey the message with limited words. So, make use of emojis, numbers and actionable words that can have a high impact on your subscribers. We have analyzed the most performed push campaigns and put down the tips to write a perfect push notification sample. These can help you create curiosity among users and increase engagement.

For example:

Push Sample 1: “ This App can clean your phone storage”

Push Sample 2: “Easily clean your phone storage. Download Now”

If you observe the second push notification is straight forward and the action words drive users to take meaningful action.

Frequency of Triggers

Sending automated push notifications frequently can become a disadvantage to your website. Receiving too many notifications can annoy users and lose trust in the brand. It is recommended to send triggered push notifications one for each day at appropriate timings. With an effective push notification service, you can choose the frequency of Triggered push notifications for once, repeated- daily, weekly, monthly or yearly or on specific dates. This feature will help marketers to set up automated push notifications for festival offers, periodic sales and others.

Analyze Push Campaigns

Analysing your previous push notifications fills you with insights to optimize your push notifications. Keep track of things that worked best for you and where you have lost your subscribers. So, you don’t end up repeating the mistakes.

Strength your weak points in all aspects of your push campaigns like timing, content, frequency, audience segmentation and everything. Always update your push notification template with relevant content. Also, push notifications A/B testing can give you details of what’s best for you instead of doing the guesswork.

Use Cases of Triggered Push Notifications

Welcome Push Notifications

You can’t leave the users unattended who have just subscribed to your push notification service. Sending welcome push notifications will show users that you care about them and is a great step for building relationships.

Now with an effective push service, you can set up the welcome push notification easily. Make your welcome push notification creative enough to engage audiences with welcome discounts, e-book downloads and more. 

Periodic Offers/Sales Notifications

This type of triggered push notification is perfect for eCommerce websites. We observe periodic sales during the holiday season or special occasions every year. In this case, you can set up automated push notifications for the whole season and concentrate on other marketing activities. Also, for the coming years, you can just update the templates with the same setting options and lessen the efforts.

For example, an electronics website can set up trigger push notifications with yearly frequency for Black Friday. So, the push notification service sends notifications to users every year.

Re-engaging Push Notifications

You can’t lose your subscribers just for the reason you can’t build a relationship with them. If you are using welcome push notifications then you are one step ahead in communicating with your users. Along with that, you can send re-engaging push notifications after a particular time period using the triggers. 

For example,  you can schedule the push notifications for a specific time after the subscription. This helps the users to remember your website and improves brand awareness.

Time Sensitive Push Notifications

The primary advantage of sending triggered push notifications is the timing. As marketers, we know that timing plays an important role in engaging users.  You can automate the notifications using the triggers feature to reach audiences on point.

For example, a website based in India wants to engage users from America. In this case, we can’t send push notifications as per IST because of the different standard times. So, you can set up triggers for specific times and relax back while push service does the job for you.

Final Words On Triggered Push Notifications

Our job is to be there always for our customers and automating push notifications is the best option to do this. Use the triggers feature to automate the process and don’t forget the check the templates regularly for the update. There is never one for all process so try out different formats and follow the one that works for you.