Living in the digital world, you receive many push notifications from apps and websites. But how many notifications do you click and open?

Now, think the same for your users.

Reaching your users is essential, but you can’t see the estimated results with web push notifications if you don’t have a good CTR (Click Through Rate).

Everyone knows how to use push notifications to drive users to their website or app. But the trick lies in the web push notification sample. It is the first thing you require to plan a push notification marketing strategy. So, we have analyzed push notification templates sent by our 40,000+ clients belonging to various industries and curated the tips for writing a perfect web notification sample.

Anatomy of a Web Push Notification Sample

The anatomy of the push notification copy can be divided into four main parts which are the push notification title, description, image, and CTA link. Here in this section, let us intercept all these parts and guidelines for crafting an optimized web push notification sample.

Below is the web push notification example sent to the chrome browser. It consists of a push title, description, and display image.

The push notification title is a small introduction to your push advertisement. The description interprets your product or services in a few words. Check the push notification KPIs like push message CTR, view rate, conversion rate, and opt-out rate to know the performance of the push campaign.

Tips for Crafting Perfect Push Notification Sample

A well-written push notification template is the key to the success of web push notification campaigns. You can use these powerful little push messages to improve retention, acquisition, engagement, and sales of your products or services. Optimize your push notifications samples using some copywriting techniques and you will be on your way to reaching business goals.

Your push notifications irritate users when they serve no purpose, have wrong timings, and have irrelevant information. In this case, there are chances for a decrement in the subscription rate.

So, how can you make sure that your push notifications serve your users instead of disturbing them?

Checklist Before You Write a Push Notification Copy

You interact with your customers with push notifications. So, businesses need to think from the perspective of users while crafting push notification samples for visitors. Here is the checklist for the copywriters to write an optimized push notification template.

  • Think about what content can make your user click on your push notification. For this know your visitors’ or customer’s prospects before crafting a push message.
  • Understand the present market like seasonal sales, discounts, trends, and more.
  • Determine the actions of the users like downloading, purchasing, reading a blog, etc.

Guide for Writing Creative Push Notification Sample

Here are the factors you need to check for writing an attractive, clickable, and engaging web push notification copy.

Push Title and Description Length

Web push notifications are shorter messages that display on your mobile devices and desktops. They have a definite character length to avoid truncation and make them more effective.

An optimized push notification title consists of 20 characters and a description limited to 55 characters. You can write about 5 to 7 words in a push title and 12 to 19 words of description. The maximum character count of the title and description is 60 and 140 respectively but it may get truncated.

You can observe truncation in the above web push notification title and description. It does not give complete information or create interest in users.

Here is the other push notification sample from the same website with an optimized push title and description. It explains the discount details in the description with a perfect push title.

Here are a few guidelines that can help you to write optimized shorter messages.

Pick One Thing

Pick one thing that you want to highlight in your push notification sample messages. It can be a deal, discount, story, theme, or emotions. Focusing on one thing can help you to concentrate and remove unnecessary phrases. For this, you should have a keen look into the purpose of the push campaign.

Take a simple push notification example of a travel website with a campaign goal of increasing bookings. Here, you might concentrate on one theme “Travelling” while writing a push notification sample. So, you can give

Push Title: “Travel World ” or “Ready for a trip?”

Push Description: “Hang out at your favourite spot in the desired city ” or “Peek into different cultures and tastes around the world”

The above descriptions are on point and provide enough information to capture the subscriber’s attention. So, the user will click on the web push notification to engage and find out more about the offer.

Display Numbers

The numbers will always speak more than a descriptive text. With this copywriting technique, you can also reduce character count by providing maximum information. It is very effective when you talk about discounts, sales, and offers from your website.

For example,

Push Title: 50% Discount

Push Description: Shop anything and get a 50% discount on MRP value

Instead of writing web push notification copy like

Push Title: Save on Latest Fashion Trends

Push Description: Explore favourite brands and get amazing discounts on every purchase.

The first push notification example gives a clear idea about the discount value which can attract users to know more. Whereas, the second descriptive text shows no number value.

Choose Words Wisely

We know that web push notifications have a character count limit that includes even the space between words. You need to choose appropriate words that can convey your messages rather than using sentences.

Consider a push notification example from a blogger website about the e-book download. You give the push title as “Download e-book” instead of “e-book for the push notification optimized timings”.

The first push notification title is small with appropriate words that can communicate the push campaign purpose.

Advertisers can use powerful words in web push notification content to make a strong effect on visitors. These words can make your copy stretch limits and reaches audiences effectively.

Let us compare two push notifications to understand the context.

Push Notification Copy 1: “Low prices on everything”

Push Notification Copy 2: “Hurry Up! Offer Valid Today Only”

If you observe the above two web push notification samples, the second one has two powerful words that create urgency and curiosity among the users.

We don’t need to be English language professionals to find the power words. The common power words you can use in push notifications are You, Free, Instantly, New, Hurry Up, and more. Here we have mentioned a few other words to convey emotion in your push message.

Urgency – Ends Now, Act Now, Immediately, Fast, Instantly, Don’t Miss Out, Clearance, Today, etc.

Special – Exclusive, Premium, Be the first one, Membership, Just for you, Limited, and more.

Emotional – Thankful, Joy, Eager, delighted, Inspired, Motivated, etc.

Value – Discount, Giveaway, Free, Win, Offer, Budget, Grab, Save, Deal, Bonus, and more.

Voice & Tone of Web Push Notification

Researchers say that the voice and tone of communication in business operations play an important role. Push notification message voice represents your brand personality and tone shows the expression of your words. You can use a touch of humour, cultural references, emoji, and more in your messages.

Knowing your audiences will help you set the right tone and voice in your push notifications. We can use the data provided by the users and search behaviour to construct a format that can increase push notifications CTR.

For example, if you have a beauty store and most of the visitors are from the millennial generation. Here you can use playful language to attract users. Whereas, when you are dealing with professionals you can prefer straight talk, marketing words with complete details like facts, what you provide, and how it’s beneficial in the push description.

Always stay in context while crafting web push notification samples. If your text doesn’t fit your context, your push messages will not make any sense. 

Content of Web Push Notification

Content is everything that engages your audiences, captures attention, and makes them click on your web push notifications. Your copy writings can be considered effective if a user can relate to, think to, and make a positive impact on their thoughts. So, here are a few factors with examples that help you in writing content for push notifications.

  • When you are planning a push notification campaign during the celebration, try to add occasion names in the content.

The above web push notification example is from the electronics online store for “Cyber Monday”. When a user receives this notification, he can relate to the happening event.

  • Adding social proof to the content will make users take meaningful action on the landing page. 

You can observe the below push notification example from an online store that has a social proof element. It creates an urgency among the audience and makes them view the landing page.

  • More than 80% of customers are likely to avail of services and buy products that send personalized messages. Customizing is simple with push notifications compared to other marketing channels. Check our detailed information on personalizing push notifications.

Observe the push notifications you receive on your devices. In most of them, you see a Call to Action (CTA) link below the notification message. The purpose of these is to guide the visitors for the next specific action. These can be included in the form of links, buttons, or simple prompts. 

Here is a push notification sample from Windows with CTA links below the notification message. The user is redirected to the landing page by clicking on “Shop Now” and displays the offer on the app home page on your next visit by clicking on “Save Offer”. You get an immediate response from the users by including CTA in push notifications.

Tips for creating effective push notification CTA

  • Keep the CTA text simple, action-based, and beneficial.
  • Don’t confuse or irritate users by including many CTA links.
  • Know your desired results and goals to curate the CTA text of notifications.

For instance, if you want to increase sales you can use Buy Now, Make Purchase, Copy Coupon Code, Use Discount, and more.

  • Test, track, and analyze various CTA and find the best one that suits your push notifications.

Push Notification Images

Push notifications allow you to display images and brand logos. These display images are supported by Chrome on both Android and Windows. On other devices, the brand logo appears beside the push notification title. A relevant image can convince your user to make a purchase, click, or download. The specifications of the images are

Format: PNG, JPEG, JPG

Image ratio: 2:1

Image Size: less than 2048 KB

Min. pixel size: 512 X 256

This is a push notification sent to Android devices from a travel website.

Push notification display on the Chrome browser.

The above is the push notification on the IOS devices.

Have a streamlined strategy and analyze your push notifications campaigns regularly to deliver value to the users and in return, you can observe an increase in sales, brand awareness, and subscribers.

Along with this stick to push notification best practices to gain all the benefits of using push marketing.