We all think about improvising marketing strategies to captivate audiences. With this in mind, push notifications are effective in engaging users. And a few additions to these push messages support in reaching conversion goals. Today we are excited to exchange knowledge about introducing Call To Action (CTA) buttons in web push notifications to engage users.

Simply put, CTA buttons are placed in push notifications to lead subscribers in performing desired actions to increase website growth and conversions. These meaningful actions can be signing up for offers, buying products, downloading blogs, setting reminders, and others. The popup action buttons increase the convenience of users and publishers can also know the specific user behaviour.

How Can You Use CTA Buttons in Push Notifications?

The action buttons can improve the conversions stats of your push campaigns. You can include multiple CTA buttons for one push notification. These CTA buttons are beneficial for bloggers, eCommerce, news & entertainment, event organizing, etc websites. Let’s take look at a few cases where you can use CTA buttons in push notifications.

Users Can Set Reminders

Even after keeping up with the best timings to send web push notifications, you may occasionally reach users at unusual times and you can’t afford to lose them for this. In this scenario, the CTA buttons can help to re-engage the push subscribers.

For example, a website push notification about a new blog to visitors. But what if the readers are in business meetings or personal time? For this, you can add popup action buttons and give them the option to remind later. Instead of the user remembering the notification and opening the website later. Marketers can resend the push notification to these specific users which increases user interaction.

Know Users Preferences

Every visitor of the website has distinct preferred categories of products or services, article topics, and limits for receiving push messages. These metrics can tell about a particular user interest which is helpful in creating push marketing campaigns. Publishers can use the Call to Action(CTA) buttons to know the user’s preferences.

A beauty website can add CTA buttons for a push notification to know about the preferred categories like skincare, body care, perfumes, or cosmetics. This will give the publishers about the user preferences and can send more relevant push notifications

Reschedule Timings or Add Program to Calendar

We frequently send reminder push notifications to the users about consultations, deliveries, and hotel table bookings. It is because cancellation of these appointments can cost big for our business. To avoid these you can add confirmation or reschedule CTA buttons to the web push notifications.

After the confirmation of the appointments, you can update details using push notifications with CTA buttons of “Add to Calendar”. You can also add CTA buttons for rescheduling booking or cancellation that gives easy confirmation of the reservations. 

Ask for Social Media Shares

Social media shares are essential for increasing your website engagement and conversions. As a part of this, we can add share options in all possible spaces like blog posts, product pages, and reviews pages of the website. Then why web push notifications are exceptional? We can add social media share links as CTA buttons in push notifications. Because of the high open and click rate, we can expect more shares using these action pop-ups.

For example, you can observe the website has given social media share options beneath the push notification.

Watch Later CTA Button

With a lot of streaming content available on these websites, the users may pass over your content after clearing the push notifications. For this, we can add a CTA button design for push alerts to add the show or series to their watchlist. This will increase the consumption of your video content as it displays on the website or app home page.

For example, observe the below push notification example from a streaming website.

These use cases are the best answers to your question Can we add action buttons in all web push notifications? You don’t need to stick around these examples but try in various scenarios and find the high-converting CTA buttons for your website.

CTA Buttons Best Practices

CTA Button Design

The CTA buttons should be designed with appropriate size and placement. It drives user interest and encourages them to take desired actions. You have to make sure that the button is not outsized and overlaps your push message. Widening the white region around the button will make the CTA text readable. Truepush has optimized the CTA design considering all these details to make it attractive for users.

Action Buttons Text

The character count and speech tense affect the user’s reaction to your call to action buttons. Button text should be short & crisp with action-oriented words that create urgency, and straightforward using first-person speech that can maximize your conversions. For example, you can use action words like Join, Get, Try, Save, Buy or Shop Now, Grab, Watch Now, and more.

A/B Test CTA Buttons

A/B testing is helpful in measuring and comparing conversion stats and choosing the best CTA buttons for push campaigns. You can measure stats like design, button text, size, etc, and know the response of the subscribers.

Analyzing these results will give a clear idea about aspects to improve, user behaviour, and action button performance that helps in optimizing CTA buttons.

Provide Necessary Button Options

Giving numerous options can confuse your users which increases the chances of clearing notifications without any interaction. So, it’s a good practice to add a maximum of two CTA buttons to the push notifications which will also keep the design clear.

Guide the Customer

The CTA buttons can take your marketing push notifications to sales. You need to guide the customers by providing them with what they need. Know your customer’s needs and display the action buttons.

For example, if you have sent a refer a friend offer then include “Sign In” and “Know More” CTA buttons that guide users to take the next step to make a discount.

How do CTA Buttons Drive User Engagement?

Let us now see how these tiny CTA buttons in our web push notifications enormously bring and increase user engagement.

Increase Click Through Rate

We all have to accept that the click-through rate of push notifications is higher than any other marketing channel. Now, combine them with CTA buttons and you can see a spike in the click rate of your push messages. If you can manage to make these buttons more interesting and optimized using the above-mentioned best practices you can gain maximum benefits of web push notifications in re-engaging your users.

Boost Revenue

The CTA buttons support eCommerce or online websites in boosting their conversions. We know that these action pop-ups in push notifications help subscribers in figuring out the next meaningful step. These buttons take the user to respective landing pages like the offer page, checkout page, and category page then confusingly explore the website.

Increase User Session Time

Adding CTA buttons to the push messages provides users with multiple landing pages that will intrude on them visiting one of them. This will increase the time spent on your website and engagement.

For example, a website pushes notifications about the new blog on the tax regime of 2022 with CTA buttons “Compare with 2021” and “Other Categories”. These action buttons create interest among the push subscribers and lead them to check the pages. This eventually increases the user session time on the website.

How to Create CTA Buttons for Web Push Notifications?

Building the best CTA buttons to push messages is easy by using an effective push notification service like Truepush with a few simple steps. You can add these CTA buttons while creating a push campaign in the push notification tool dashboard.

Features of CTA buttons in Truepush, free push service

  • You can add two CTA buttons (ideal count) for your push notifications.
  • It provides button text and links fields that are editable.
  • You can also add images to these buttons with the given specifications.
  • Publishers can check the appearance of CTA buttons in the panel.

How to Add CTA Buttons?

You have to follow these simple instructions to attach CTA buttons to your push notification.

  • Login to your Truepush account and open the project dashboard.
  • Click on “Create Campaign” and provide the push message details.
  • Now, click on “Advanced Details” and check for “Buttons”.
  • You can provide button text, button links, and images.
  • If you want to include more buttons tap on “Add new button”.
  • Check the output below the push notification preview on the right side.

Implementing the aforementioned CTA buttons use cases is simple and easy with our free push notification provider, Truepush. You can customize them as per your industry and targeted audiences and compose rich push notifications. Websites can add these CTA buttons to the unlimited push notifications without any restriction and access all other advanced features with a free push service plan.

Make Web Push Notifications Different with CTA Buttons

With the huge competition in the digital world, websites have to stand out themselves to get recognized by users or visitors. Adding CTA buttons to your push messages is a fundamental step that can elevate you among competitors. This provides privilege to users in choosing the preferred action to engage with websites. Make sure to measure your CTA-enabled push campaign conversions to know the difference and optimize.