Every website, app, or online business has to engage with audiences to grow in every aspect. For this, they need the right marketing strategy to engage customers. We have marketing channels like emails, social media, and online ads to present our business in front of customers. But you can observe an increase in email spam and overflowing promotional content. So, this limits the chances of reaching audiences with traditional marketing strategies.

But, we have push notifications like a boom to reach audiences with the right content at the right time. However, pushing messages manually to get maximum conversions is a tedious task. So, to make this simple we have the automated web push notifications strategy.

For example, an e-commerce website will have customers at different stages like exploring the website, cart abandonment, repeated customers, and more. Without automation, it is a tedious task to push notifications manually about orders, new products, shipping updates, etc. You require an ample amount of effort and time for this process which you can invest in other promotional strategies to upgrade your business.

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Benefits of Automated Push Notifications Strategy

Thinking of why we need to automate push notifications then have a look down at these advantages.

Save Time and Efforts

Automating push notifications saves a lot of time and effort as discussed in the above eCommerce example. Segmenting audiences, creating relevant push templates every time, and pushing them at appropriate times is a complicated task. In this, you may also lose customers or end up pushing irrelevant campaigns which affect your brand reputation.

But with an automated push notifications strategy, you have to create the push campaign once and check its functioning regularly.

Outreach Effectively

The scheduled push notifications instantly reach your users increasing your outreach and turning visitors into returning customers. Pushing automatic welcome notifications, offer alerts, and intro updates when a visitor approaches your website or blog persuades users to explore the website or make conversions.

Improve Brand Awareness

With the scheduled push campaigns you are always present for your audiences at right time. These periodic push messages improve your presence, customer engagement, and increase brand awareness. With an effective push notifications platform like Truepush, you don’t need any extra resources to automate push notifications.

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Improve Campaign Stats

If we can’t manage to reach the right customers at the right time we can’t expect maximum results from the marketing campaigns.

For example, a blogger's website published a new article on saving tips for the New Year sale but couldn’t reach readers during the holiday season. In this, you can’t expect maximum engagement for your blog. But with automated push notifications, you can send push messages at the right time and boost your website traffic.

Automated Push Notifications Use Cases

Now after knowing the advantages of push notifications automation you clearly know that you are losing something if not implemented. Here are a few scenarios to automate push messages.

Welcome Notifications

Welcome notifications introduce your brand to the audience and have a higher open rate than typical marketing messages. So, there is no reason left not to automate welcome push notifications.

Publishers can nudge customers to explore the website with welcome offers, introductions, subscription grateful notifications, and more. An automated welcome notifications campaign will send push messages when a visitor interacts with your website for the first time. It leads the users to take the next meaningful action like conversion, saving blogs, downloading apps, and more.

For example below is the welcome notification from a blogger’s website

Using the free push notification service, Truepush you can create rich welcome notifications for websites from settings in the dashboard.

Automated Cart Abandonment Notifications

The research says that the high cart abandonment rate in online stores is one of the primary reasons for the conversions drop. Automated cart abandonment push notifications can decrease this rate and make the customers re-engage with the website.

Ecommerce websites can send cart abandonment push notifications with various offers. You can offer free shipping, discounts, and special offers on cart items that attract users to make the purchase. 

The click-through rate and conversion rate of cart abandonment push notifications have more than emails. It is because the users can reach the website’s checkout page from the device notification panel.

You can install the Truepush web push tool on your Shopify stores to send cart abandonment push notifications for free. This push notification service will automatically create customizable push titles, and messages, fetch product images, and send them to the customers.

RSS to Push

The RSS to push automated push notifications is very useful for bloggers, entertainment sites, and news update publishers. These types of websites have valuable information to convey to their readers every hour. You can use RSS to push features to automate the push notifications for your website.

Truepush, the free notification service provides this feature to send free unlimited RSS to push notifications. You can choose the audience segments, notifications interval, campaign expiry date, user interaction, and more. The push notification content is fetched automatically as per the update on the website. It takes a few steps to set up Trupush RSS to Push to your website.

Recurring or Triggered Push Notifications

Recurring push messages are the perfect technique for re-engaging audiences. You can customize the frequency of alerts like once, repeated, or multiple dates. Use triggers to implement this push notifications strategy.

You can send these recurring push messages to a segment of audiences with desired push message template. So, you don’t end up sending cart abandonment push alerts to the new visitors instead of welcome offer messages. Publishers can create any number of triggers as per their necessities and types of audiences.

For example, a health and fitness website has audiences for the blog website and exercise videos. In this scenario, you can push different notifications to these two user segments about the updates using the Truepush triggers feature.

Auto Shipping Updates

Updating users with delivery information will increase the customer’s confidence in your website service. Ecommerce websites can rely on push notifications to automate shipping updates to their users.

You can send push notifications of delivery date & timing, shipping address updates, and delivery delays which boost the customer relationship with your online site or you can provide them with a moving cost calculator in case they are planning to move places before receiving your shipment. Automating these notifications is preferable so that you don’t skip any updates and receive an uncooperative review from the users. You can install the Truepush Shopify plugin and automate your shipping notifications for free.

Automate Instock Push Alerts

The out-of-the-stock notification can be a reason for your customers to search for competitors and lose reliance on your brand. From a business perspective, your online store is doing well by selling out all the products. But imagine, if you have overlooked the hundreds of stock-out product searches, you may end up dropping these conversions to competitors.

Apart from stocking up on these products, you should also update your customers with in-stock alerts. Websites can use push notifications to send these back-in-stock messages that create urgency to make the purchase. Automating these in-stock push alerts is simple with the Truepush Shopify plugin. 

Final Thoughts

Automating push notifications strategy enhances your marketing by providing better results and building customer relationships. These are the essential push notification cases that can be automated to reach your users efficiently. 

Also, with Truepush you can customize your RSS to push, triggers, and push message templates. The easy setup process of this push notification software will make automation hassle-free.