“The business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.” — Milan Kundera, Writer & Playwright.

The marketers are always striving to think about the various techniques and tools to use for the marketing and growth of the brand.

One of the buzzing and trending marketing tools used these days is Push Notifications.

In this blog let us study more on push notifications.

Definition of Push Notifications

Push notification service is the new marketing method that drives personalized customer engagement to the next level for businesses.

Push notifications are messages that appear on customers’ desktop and mobile screens notifying them of the marketer’s message instantly through the push notification service.

Push notifications are the crisp and simple messages sent by the brands and websites to their users to provide an update or alert of the products and services.

push notification

They help in increasing user engagement and retention by directing the users to the website and providing them with personalized and relevant information adding value to their information.

Push notifications can be sent to users at any time; Even if the user is not on the site. The web push notification appears directly on the home screens of customers’ devices, rather than emails sent to the customer’s inbox.

As a result, the chances that the message will be ignored and the visibility is higher. Therefore, the click rate for push notifications is higher than for emails and SMS messages.

Push notifications are more effective and easier to implement than ever before. These messages are highly customizable, making it an effective method at a time when custom marketing is everything.

History of Push Notifications

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign is not defined by communication but the response from the end-user but in today’s world how does a user respond when there are so many screens to see and experience with very little time.

Everyday users go-through multiple blog posts, news, product offers, and so on. Marketers have lots of data to personalize the user experience and collect user responses. 

That’s when Push Notifications come handy to send personalization notifications to the users and collect their valuable responses.

A little on Push Notifications’ evolution and revolutionizing the marketing industry:

  • We all remember qwerty-keypad smartphones – Blackberry (Research in Motion – RIM). It was engineers at RIM who started the first-ever email notification system on mobile phones.
  • This development of RIM was being carefully noticed by silicon valley folks and in June 2009, Apple introduced a new user experience called Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). This shift in technology allowed companies to send alerts to their users from their mobile applications (apps).
  • In August 2013, Google updated its Cloud Messaging, and Push Notifications can now be enabled from the browser – Google Chrome.
  • Today Push notifications are part of all the mobile development and marketing strategies to collect user data and personalize their user experience.

Types of Push Notifications

There are two types of push notifications. Let us see in detail about these types.

Web Push Notifications:  They are also referred to as browser notifications. Web push notifications are the messages sent to user’s screens or mobile devices even when the users are not on the website. The website can send the messages with the single click consent of the users initially without any installations.

push notification

Web push notifications allow businesses to extend their roots in the marketplace and re-engage with their potential customers. They are used to send customized messages, deals, updates, alerts, and coupons to the users.

The implementation of push notifications is simple. Developing and registering the site in browsers and working through API to implement web push notifications.

But now there are tools available in the market to easily configure push notifications for websites and apps.

Truepush -the world’s free and monetization push notification service is one of those tools widely used by marketers. All you have to do is copy and paste javascript on the web page. The integration takes just a few minutes and is an easy DIY platform.

Every visitor to the site decides for himself whether to receive notifications or not. Since visitors themselves have agreed to receive notifications, they consider them less interruptive and engagement is voluntary.

In the internet age, there is a great demand for content publishing sites and news portals to deliver the news. Web push notifications can be a helping hand when there is urgent news, live web notifications can be delivered instantly by pushing it to the user screen even when the user is not on the website/app.

Thus Web push notifications establish a channel of personalized communication between the company and users to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Mobile Push Notifications: They are also referred to as in-app notifications. Mobile push notifications are the messages sent to the users who have installed the application and agreed to receive the notifications from the creators.

Marketers use different channels and platforms to communicate with users to promote their brands and services offered. Among them, the use of push notifications on mobile has shown tremendous results when compared to other platforms.

They create an interactive line of communication between creators and users even when the users are not inside the app.

Mobile push notifications use two leading platforms – Android and ios. According to the market experts, the mobile push notifications have three times higher retention rates and 88% of user engagement.

Converting users into subscribers and potential buyers is the only mantra for every marketer and knowing what kind of notifications to send out at any time and to which audience is necessary. Since mobile notification has a higher subscription rate than other platforms, it can be used to drive conversions and increase click-through rates.

Why use Push Notifications?

Push notification integration is fast across industries including e-commerce, content publishing, retailers, B2B SaaS, travel, banking, financial, and insurance.

Email marketing and SMS marketing are the primary sources of communication in marketing campaigns to reach users. Marketers have used emails and SMS for a long time to engage the user.

Email and SMS open rates have been dropping rapidly over the past few years. For effective user engagement and effective marketing results, various approaches are introduced in internet marketing, and push notifications are approved to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

Push notifications allow marketers to communicate with users directly. Users can receive important messages such as traffic, weather, sports results, news, and flight checks, instantly on the device’s lock screen as web push notifications. The other reasons why companies can use push notifications are.

  • Introducing the new features of the site to the users.
  • Enhance customer experience with frequent engagement.
  • Convert users into potential customers.
  • Transactional updates.
  • Direct users to the websites.
  • Notify users of the deals, offers, and coupons.
  • Retargeting abandoned site users.
  • Keep loyal users with personalized content.
  • It acts as an interactive medium of communication between publishers and users.

Why is Truepush one of the Top-most used push notifications services?


Truepush – the world’s free forever push notification service is a complete marketing tool that is suitable for all types of businesses and the digital presence of brands. It also annouces new monetization plan for website owners to stream additional revenue.

Truepush helps the brands in increasing their user engagement and retention by sending the relevant pushes at the right time to the right segment of the audience. It sends intelligently customized notifications to its potential users based on behavior patterns and demographics.

And all of this is provided for free which is not available in the push notification market except from Truepush. Yes, you heard it right.

Best Features of Truepush :

  • Rich push notifications (with image)
  • Unlimited notifications, campaigns for unlimited websites.
  • Supports HTTP & HTTPS
  • 2 way opt-in
  • Preview in different devices (Allows to check how notification looks in all devices before pushing. )
  • RSS to Push
  • Website and campaign wise, deep analytics

Truepush Achievements :

Within the short span of time, Truepush has been awarded numerous titles and awards from the different user -review platforms.

Truepush is now trusted by more than 25,000+ clients few of which include GrabOn, YourQuote, The Hans India, IndiaGlitz, LeadsMarket,  Futooro, Chanhtuoi, BLes.com, etc.

  • Truepush is awarded the “Fastest Growing Software in Push Notification” by SaaSworthy.


  • Truepush is awarded as the 7th most popular Push Notifications service in India by BuiltWith.
  • 12th most popular under the category- Push Notifications in the United States. 
  • 14th most popular under the category- Entire Internet in Push Notifications
  • 11th most popular under the category- Top 1 Million sites in Push Notifications.
  • 20th most popular under the category- Top 100k sites in Push Notifications.

push notification

  • Truepush enters the High Performers G2 grid and saves its place in the top 10 list under the push notifications category.


  • ‘High Performers Summer-2020’ by G2
  • ‘High Performers Spring-2020’ by G2.

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