Sharing stories and thoughts has been one of the most needed aspects of human lives for centuries. Storytelling is carried out by humans in different ways from decades to share their thoughts and experiences.

So, the roots of content marketing were sowed around 40,000 years ago as content marketing is all about storytelling. The more effective storyteller you are, the more people listen to your stories.

 Let us see one of the examples of content marketing.

McDonald is one of the most compelling storytellers and uses content marketing in various forms to attract their customers. 

They design a unique campaign and personalise each campaign with a story so that the customers can relate. 

Let us recall one of their most appreciated and known campaign from McDonald Canada where they took the challenge of answering the questions of customers to create more trust and belief about the brand among the people by showing that they listen and care about the customer’s opinion.

content marketing

The idea behind the campaign was “If you have a good story to tell, serve it with authenticity and trust”. This was an effective example of using marketing for the brand’s success.

Key Takeaway :

Use the content in the form where people can relate and personalise with brands. These create strong trust and reputation of the brand and increases user engagement.

Let us deep-dive into the concept of content marketing.


  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Types of Content Marketing 
  • Best Content Marketing Strategies
  • How can push notifications help brands in increasing the reach of their content?

What is Content Marketing?

content marketing

Content Marketing is a systematic and strategic approach to create valuable, consistent, and relevant information to attract the audience. It aims at distributing the right content at the right time using the right channel to drive profitable customer action.

It is all about how excellent you can represent the products and services of the brands in front of the people to catch their attention and encourage them to take a profitable action.

According to marketing research by experts, 90% of marketers use content marketing in some of the other forms to drive leads or growth.

Content Marketing has evolved over the years and has become very dynamic, where only blogging is no more a game. It can use every possible form and channel of marketing.

Types of Content Marketing 

Blog Content Marketing: Blogging is posting informative or knowledgeable information about company products or services in the form of written articles for users. This information is shared in the form of blogs to the users.

Blog content marketing

Social-Media Content marketing: With millions of users using different social media platforms. It becomes easier for the brands to connect to their audience via these social media channels. Sharing the content on various social media platforms is one of the forms of using content marketing to share and distribute the content to the audience.

social media marketing

Info-graphic Content Marketing: Infographics is the graphical representation of content which is represented in easy -to -understand format using different graphical vectors and images. They are very active and catchy to draw the attention of the users.

info-graphic content marketing

Podcast Content Marketing: Podcast marketing is the building and distribution of content in the form of audio. Podcasts have become very popular because of their convenience. They have shown beneficial results in brand awareness and user interaction.

podcast marketing

Video Content Marketing: According to a recent HubSpot research, 50% of users prefer video content. Video marketing is the most crucial marketing aspect as it helps in improving user engagement, conversions and click-through rates for the websites.

Best Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Set specific Goals 
  2. Determine KPI’s
  3. Build Rich Content 
  4. Choose the right content channels
  5. Analyse and measure results
  6. Set Specific Goals: The first step for the content marketing strategy is to specify the goals and objectives. This will give a clear idea of the purpose of your content. Define what you want from your content and how you want the content to be. This can be listed as
  1. Determine KPI’s: Determine the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your set goals.

KPI’s will give you quantifiable and measurable results. They measure the values of the number of sites visitors, conversions, promotions and partnerships.

  1. Build Rich Content: Build the quality and relevant content, keeping the various pointers in mind while creating like.
  •  What are the pain points of the users?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How your products or services can help them to overcome the challenges?
  • How can you solve the problem?

 This will help in creating the right and relevant content for the users.

  1. Choose the right content channels: Once the content is created, choose the right channel to distribute the content on various channels like social media, websites and others. 
  2. Analyse and Measure Results: The last step is to analyse and measure the results of various applied strategies and make necessary changes as required.

  Various analytics tools can be used to measure the performance like Google Analytics,       Hubspot, SEMrush and many others.

How can push notifications help brands in increasing the reach of their content?

Imagine you have created a fabulous piece of content which can be very insightful and helpful to many people. But what if your incredible piece isn’t reaching the audience. All your efforts will go in vain.

This is where the company’s distribution and marketing strategy will come into the picture. The timely Emails of updates are scheduled, shared on social media and linked on various sites .still; it doesn’t give you the expected result.

What more you can do to increase your content Reach?

The answer is Push Notifications. 

Quick Reminder on What are Push Notifications: Push notifications are the small crisp and quick messages sent to the users to provide them with updates, alerts, deals and other useful information.

content marketing
EarnKaro sends Valentine’s deal as a push notification
EarnKaro sends Valentine’s deal as a push notification

They are very effective when compared to emails and can help the brands to increase the reach and engagement of users on their content.

Push notifications provide the outlet for brands to establish interaction with the users in a more targeted way.

Push notifications are an excellent tool for content marketing as they can update and alert the users about the new content on the websites and also help in segmenting the content based on the audience’s preferences.

One of the best features of push notifications is RSS- to -Push which is a boom for content marketing as it will send out new updates of content as feeds to all the users which can help the brands in increasing the content reach, engagement and click-through rates.

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