Opt-in Settings

Opt-in is a notification that lets a user decide if he/she wants to subscribe to your website and receives notifications then onwards.

We have two types of opt-ins which are divided into the following categories.

 1. One Way Opt-in   

1.1 Browser Default

 2. Two Way Opt-in

2.1 Bell Opt-in

2.2 Optin Bar

2.3 Box Opt-in

2.4 Box+ Opt-in

You can open the Opt-ins type from the “settings” tab on the Truepush dashboard and then click on the edit icon (pencil) as shown below.

AI PlatformsOnce you click on the edit icon under the Action tab, you can see (to the right side of the page) the opt-in style window as shown below.

Change Optin in TruepushClick on “Change Opt-in” as shown in the image above. A new window will appear with all the opt-in styles (as shown below).

Select Optin Style

1. One Way Opt-in

This type of opt-in directly shows up on a user device and ask for subscription permission. If a user selects “allow“, he/she will be subscribed to your website.

1.2 Browser Default Opt-in

Browser Default opt-in includes the notification box without the logo of your push notification provider.

Browser default Optin

2.Two Way Opt-in

Two way opt-in is a notification pop-up that asks for the subscription twice. If a user selects “allow” on the first opt-in notification, he/she will get a second notification in the format of Browser Default. After allowing on the second opt-in, your user will be subscribed to your website.

2.1 Bell Opt-in

In the Bell Notification, as shown below, a bell icon appears as a floating tool which will be on your website until a user opts-in, without hindering a user’s experience.

Bell Optin

2.1.1 Customizing Bell notification

You can now edit the appearance of the bell and make it appealing with respect to your website. Customization for Bell notification gives you an option to change the circle color and the bell color. 

  • Click on “Edit Content” as shown below.  
  • Opt-In styles in truepushNow, You’ll see the options to customize as shown below.

    Bell Optin

2.2 Optin Bar

The opt-in bar comes in a format as shown below.

Optin Bar

2.2.1 Customizing Opt-in Bar

You can now edit the following features of the Opt-in Bar

  • The whole Topbar color.
  • The button color.
  • Top bar text color.
  • Button text color.
  • The opt-in bar position can be changed from top to bottom.
  • Top bar message.
  • Button text.After selecting the opt-in bar style, you’ll see an option to edit it.

Customized optins in TruepushClick on “Edit Content” and the various customization options will appear as shown below.

Edit Optin Content

2.3 Box Opt-in

In Box Notification, the notification appears as below. This pretty much looks like a normal notification and you can use it whenever a user comes to your website. 

Truepush Box Optin
After you choose the Box opt-in style, click on “Edit content” as shown below.

Customized Optin Style

2.3.1 Customizing Box Opt-in

You can now customize and edit the following features of the Box Opt-in-

  • The main text.
  • Subtext.
  • First button text.
  • second button text.

Truepush Optins

2.4 Box+ Opt-in

Box+ Opt-in is a normal notification and it allows you to add your company logo as well.

Box+ Optin In Truepush

After you choose the Box+ opt-in style, click on “Edit content” as shown below.

Opt-In styles in Truepush

2.4.1 Customizing Box+ Opt-in

You can now edit the following features of the Box+ Opt-in

  • The main text.
  • First button text.
  • second button text.

Opt-in styles in Truepush

Note: It is recommended to use box/ box+ opt-in style to have better conversion rates. 

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