Rich Site Summary, abbreviated as RSS, or sometimes referred to as Really Simple Syndication, is a web feed format. In simple terms, it is a medium of content distribution. Its standardized structure allows the notifications to appear in the format of push notifications on users’ screens. It’s an organized update without consuming much of the user’s time and resources.

Why RSS Push Notifications?

RSS to push feature is essential to send automated push notifications to the users. Websites can send push messages on recently updated web feeds. This push notification feature is helpful for news updates, entertainment, blog posts, podcasts, etc.

RSS-to-push notifications create a mutually beneficial setting for businesses and end-users. Sending an RSS feed through Truepush, a push notifications platform can propel the profitability of the business by saving more than 40-50 man-hours per month.

It acts as a useful reminder notifying the users that a piece of news or a new blog has been published or a new podcast is live.

An RSS feed contains the logo of the company, a brief description of the update, and a direct link to the original content on the website.

Increase Traffic

These automated notifications send every interesting update to your subscribers and bring them back to the website.

Better than Emails

You don’t need to worry about the subscribers missing out on your updates. Use our push notifications provider to start an RSS feed for your website.

Easy Subscription

All your subscribers need to do is click on allow button of the push notification opt-in prompt. They don’t need to provide any information like email ID, name, etc.

How to set up an RSS feed?

An online engagement using RSS to push is a very simple process. The website owners can create RSS to push in the push notifications provider Truepush free account by adding the RSS feed link. Once the user subscribes to push notifications, they receive push alerts of any updates on the website without manual intervention. The latest published content is always shown at the top of the RSS feed.

It saves a reader or user time searching for favorite content individually and gets notified without any extra effort. RSS feeds are so customizable that a user can choose what he/she wishes to see. It can be a preferred topic to explore, be it a technology blog or specific news from the entertainment domain or targetting only a few websites/brands.

These automated notifications create a sense of importance from a user’s perspective. RSS feed is quite helpful, landing all the users back to the main website; hence, a definite guide for traffic generation.

News platforms, Bloggers, Publishers, and Content creators have found RSS-to-push notifications very crucial for the development of their respective platforms.

Key Benefits of using RSS Feed:

  • It is simple to integrate an RSS-to-push feed with a push notifications provider like Turepush.
  • Send Automated feeds by setting up the timings.
  • Save nearly 40-60 man-hours per month.
  • Tremendous online engagement and User Reach.
  • Drive Traffic on your website.

Sending RSS-to-push notifications

The website can make use of many ways to make its content and services reach the users, but to add value, a systematic and integrated feature has to be used to send the alerts to the users in time. And how to do that? Truepush has an answer!

Our RSS-to-push feature allows websites to customize push notifications of the new content or a piece of news in a single click and send it to users.

NoteTitle, Description, Landing page URL, and Website Icon is compulsory in our project to create an RSS feed.

RSS feature from Truepush dashboard
(RSS-to-push feature as seen from the Truepush dashboard)
(RSS-to-push feature as seen from the Truepush dashboard)

Implement RSS to Push in Truepush

Follow these simple steps to create RSS to-push feature for your website with Truepush.

  • Open the push notifications platform and tap on RSS to push.

  • Now click on Create RSS button to add an RSS Feed for the website.
  • Fill in all the necessary fields and tap on “Add New RSS” at the page bottom.

RSS Link

Add your website RSS feed URL to automate your push notifications for websites. You can find the website RSS feed URL in the website page source. Our push notifications platform parses your website feed every 3 minutes to push notifications.

Audience Segmentation

Truepush provides you an option of audience segmentation to target particular audiences. For example, an international news website has posted a blog with local news in the United States. So, they can segmentize audiences by country and target readers from a particular region.

Campaign Interval

You can specify delay timing between two RSS feed push notifications from the website. So, you will not send more notifications and annoy users.

Campaign Expiry Time

After this specific time, your push notification will not appear on the subscriber’s screen. This is very useful when you push notifications for specific day sales and offers.

You can also choose to make push notifications close after a user interaction of either opening or closing the notification.

How RSS to Push Works

Using RSS-to-push notifications, makes the local audience come back to the websites every time the feed is sent out. Therefore, it saves a lot of time, increases the re-engagement, and converts the potential buyers, as expressed by our customer JournalDev. JournalDev is a resource and knowledge-sharing web platform, and one of the most sought-after websites, consistently maintaining 3 million Monthly Active Users.

With time the use of technologies in different ways is changing accordingly. Using E-mails for updates and alerts comes with lots of effort and disadvantages wherein the websites can use the RSS-to-push feature to reach their audience and notify them about the updates and other information through feeds.

About Truepush

Truepush is the world’s no.1 free push notifications platform. We are so glad to announce our Triggers and RSS-to-Push are now updated to give you the best in the world online customer engagement. 

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