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“It’s very important to create future leaders under your leadership”
Vaibhavi Risbood, Group Editor at PinkVilla.

Vaibhavi Risbood
Vaibhavi Risbood

About PinkVilla

PinkaVilla is a very familiar name when it comes to your favourite Bollywood entertainment news and gossip. PinkVilla was founded in 2007 by Nandini Shenoy, which now has more than 25 million unique users and records more than 112 million page views monthly across its different platforms. The company has grown exponentially with a quick news delivery platform and leading the entertainment space with its unique content features!

About the guest

Vaibhavi Risbood is the Group Editor at PinkVilla, and she’s also been an Entertainment & lifestyle journalist. She has worked with renowned brands over her editorial journey of more than a decade. Here’s a sneak peek into the amazing discussion we had with Vaibhavi where she’s has shared her learnings and useful insights on content marketing and growth perspectives. 

The Gist of PinkVilla Podcast

As a leading entertainment news channel, the content is something where the priority lies. For a brand where the news and articles are the assets, a set of prerequisites are needed to strategize the content flow. As Vaibhavi discusses these prerequisites, she explains, “ You can push the content uphill to a certain extent where the push gradually shifts to the pull from a reader’s end. The content is not something that you want your users to consume, but also what they want to consume on the other side.”

Further, Vaibhav explains the importance of timeliness for digital news. Timeliness is what makes the news or article relevant to a reader. Then, authenticity is something that acts as the pillar of the news platforms. Vaibhavi believes unbiased reporting is one of the key principles, that every news platform should have in its DNA. In today’s world, no one would want to consume content that is biased and comes from someone else’s perspective.

The discussion further reveals how content strategizing can enhance website search visibility. Listen to the complete podcast above to get more information and useful insights. 

Did you know?

Comscore awarded Pinkvilla as the top entertainment portal in India for March 2019.

The discussion then moves to an understanding of how the quality of the content is managed and how should one focus on editing and proofreading being an entertainment media brand where the frequency of pushing the content is high.  

Priyanka explains, “I believe, editing and proofreading are strong pillars of any website that is editorially driven. Quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive choices for any media company. Hygiene is something that is a top priority in my team where we cannot compromise with user experience.” 

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