In Conversation with Aman Dhall, Head of corporate communications at

“People need to think of insurance for protection. It is as important as growing money to build houses, or doing retirement planning or managing funds for children’s education.” – Aman Dhall,  Head of corporate communications at

Aman Dhall, Head of Corporate communications at Policybazaar

About is the leading insurance platform which provides its customers with the best and reliable insurance plans. It is India’s largest insurance aggregator platform, which receives 100 million visitors annually. In addition to that, the app has more than 5Mn downloads.

About the Speaker

Aman Dhall is an Indian communications specialist, widely known for his role in building the insurance brand, The brand became a unicorn in 2018 and has been one of India’s most successful financial start-ups to emerge since 2008.

The journey

“It has been a fascinating journey. Initially, I started my career as a journalist, reporting on politics. In fact, I was reporting on the current government and have also reported from Siachen. When I evolved as a reporter to start covering banking and financial services, I was doing special stories for the weekend edition of Economic times and was also a part of the overall editing team. So the experience was very fascinating.”

Policybazaar.coms’s impact in India

“The roots go back to when Policybazaar started back in 2008. Online was an unknown entity back then. It started with seeding the message — compare before you buy. From there, we have been focusing on creating awareness about pure life insurance and health insurance. The industry was push-driven before, but our efforts have paved the way for the industry moving to pull-driven dynamics.” 

The importance of Content

“People’s perception is changing around insurance, somewhere right content which is tailored for the platform has played a huge part as we tailored it very effectively. Insurance is a serious topic, we have seen tremendous results using humour to get our message across.”

“People buying their product themselves, that is our ultimate objective”

Pandemic’s effect

“Earlier nobody thought insurance could be ever purchased, it has to be sold. But now people are coming forward and buying insurance. This change that we see today has been accelerated due to the pandemic.”

COVID insurance plans

Aman further explains how the COVID insurance plans have taken a surge and says “We are advising our customers to go for comprehensive coverage. These plans are not wholesome coverage providers. The innovation is happening, the pandemic has got a lot of positive changes in terms of awareness and consumer-centric health and life insurance products coming into the picture.”


“Engaging with our consumers on a regular basis is very important. Our strategies of communication have been very simple. A few of them are:

  1. CTA Approach
  2. Personalised Content
  3. Product centric Approach

Notifications as engagement 

We are still working on it but as of now our main focus is

  1. Realtime notifications
  2. Relevant content
  3. Customized content notifications 

Advice from Aman Dhall

“You have to be consistent, resilient, collaborative and disciplined to succeed.”

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