“We, People from technical space are so enamoured by technology that we forget that end of the day, it is really about helping humans.”-

Indresh Chauhan, Vice President at Sify eLearning North America.

About the speaker

Indresh Chauhan, helps Learning Development leaders gain clarity on how to make the most efficient use of training dollars to improve performance, morale, and business results Indresh brings industry best practices and design-thinking in eLearning and Instructor-Led Training (ILT). His expertise is most useful to Fortune 1000 companies that have multiple product lines in highly competitive markets. 

The journey

“From a role and responsibility perspective, I head the e-learning team for the Sify North-American Team, and I’m based in California. Our role is that we find solutions that work for our customers. Our main focus has always been on what customers need, and to find the right solutions for them. That is a complete team effort. The journey has been pretty interesting, and it has been almost 20 years since we first started, the main thought was to develop e-learning content.”

“It was our customers who forced us to step out of our boundaries.”

Listen to the podcast above to understand how they grew by understanding their customers’ needs and finding solutions for the same.

Evolution of eLearning

Initially, when I used to talk about e-learning to my family or anyone, they couldn’t understand a bit what I was telling them. Eventually, with time everything changed. Fast forward to now, the curriculum has online videos, podcasts, and recordings of lectures, etc. E-learning is now part and parcel in everyday life.

“Bringing everything together and giving a unified experience for our learners is the main aim.” 

Speaking about technology    

Often, in today’s world, we get so enamoured with technology. We tend to forget that we are in this business to help humans. We should step back and introspect, who is the audience and what are their problems and how are we solving them. As we are developing solutions for our customers.” Developing eLearning solutions require the correct usage of different emerging technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality, reliable, and robust designing tools, also, most importantly, amazing designers. 

“We are in this business for humans and by humans.”

Learning is everything

“Companies that are successful are those that have ‘learning’ as part of their DNA. They are learning from their customers, their workforce, their failures, and from people around them.  Developing technology and finding new products is accessible and is something that can be replicated. What can’t be replicated is that: Learning DNA from a company where people are themselves taking pro-active steps and not waiting for their management to tell them.

Speaking about Innovation

“Innovation requires a lot of hard work, thought process, and knowing our past. You have to know what has worked and what has not. Also, what has changed and what has not. By understanding the customers and the new trends, you get ideas and thoughts about what exactly will work for customers. These thoughts lead to the spark of innovation!”

“Giving the customer a new and fresh perspective is where the innovation starts.”

Growth strategies

Firstly, growth means how we are helping our customers. Sales and revenue can’t be the only metric we should focus on. 

Secondly, our growth strategies are knowing our customers and helping them solve some of their most difficult problems.

Thirdly, understanding the best fit is hugely important for us. Our culture and our customer’s culture should be aligned.

Lastly, marketing that focuses on educating, communicating, and enriching the knowledge of the customers is also a part of our growth strategies.

“Growth for the sake of growth is not a good thing”

Tune in to the podcast above to know how Sify deals with its competition and competitors.

Few principles that Indresh believes, that comes from the experience of working for more than two decades:

  1. Understand yourself only then you can improve yourself
  2. To know who are you serving and who are you trying to solve the problems for?
  3. The devil is in the details, so always know the details of the problem that you are solving.
  4. Take action and risk to make it work!
  5. Have faith.

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