To enable push notification service for the Safari browser you need a .P12 certificate. Here are the details to create and upload the certificate from your apple account. It will take you a few minutes to create.


Below are the steps, you will need to perform.

Step 1: Make a request for a safari certificate

Step 2: Request from KeyChain Access

Step 3: Creating a Web Push Certificate

Step 4: Uploading the .p12 file(web push certificate) on Truepush


Make A Request For a Certificate

 1.1 Go to  and login into the account.

.P12 Certificate request

1.2 Once you are logged into your account, click on the “Certificates, ID & Profiles” tab.

.P12 Certificate apple

1.3  Click on the “Certificates +” icon.

.P12 Certificate
1.4 Then you need to scroll down on the next page and select Website Push ID Certificate
.P12 Certificate for safari notifications
1.5 Create a new certificate or click on an existing one from the website Push ID field. Once you are done, click on “continue’
.P12 Certificate security certificate

.P12 Certificate for push notifications

Request From Keychain Access

2.1 In your Mac system, open your “Keychain Access”.

.P12 Certificate format
2.1 Then click on Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority

2.2 Give a common name(your certificate name) and select ‘Saved to disk”. Click on “Continue“. 

Safari push notifications
2.3 Create a new folder and save the file.
Dowload .P12 Certificate
2.4 Once you save it, it should look something like the below image.
.P12 Certificate

Creating A Web Push Certificate

3.1 Come back to the “Create a New Certificate” page we left before in Step 1 and upload the certificate that you downloaded. Then, click on “Continue“.

.P12 web push certificate
3.2 Once you come to the next page, you will see a screen like below. Click on “download“.
Apple .P12 Certificate
3.3 Save in the same folder(optional) as you did before. You should be able to see the screen like below.
Safari push notifications
3.4 Click on the Certificate and open it with Keychain Access
.P12 Certificate

3.5 In KeyChain Access, you should be able to see your “created Private Key” and “Certificate paired”. Select both of them and right-click. You will see a screen as shared below. Click on Export 2 Items.

.P12 Certificate

3.6 Select the folder like before and save your certificate. This is the .p12 certificate that you need to upload to the Truepush account.

3.7 While saving, it will prompt you for a password to safeguard your certificate(for .p12 certificate). This is an optional action but we highly recommend you to have a password for security reasons. 

.P12 security certificate

3.7.1 Next, it will prompt you for your system password twice.

.P12 Certificate for truepush

3.8 Once done, you should be now getting the final .p12 certificate to upload on the Truepush account.

.P12 security


Uploading The .p12 File(Web Push Certificate) On Truepush

4.1 Upload the .p12 certificate by clicking the choose file. If you have kept a password for the .p12 file while creating as suggested, please enter the password and click Save. 

push notifications iOS

Boom! Your Safari  Browser notification will start working.

PS: Please see that for safari, only 2-way notifications work. So when you select a default option to show in the opt-in type. For safari, we will have Bell Icon by default.

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