There are multiple Push Notification tools in the market helping you to set up the web push notifications. But, it is more important to choose a service where the process of subscriber migration remains easy and efficient. On the same note, we say that subscribers migration is a simple process.

Here is how you can migrate your subscribers from the iZooto to Truepush Push Notifications platform.

There are two simple codes that need to be installed on your website:

  • Serviceworker file (sw.js)
  • SDK code

When both the codes are rightly integrated on your website, the Truepush Push Service will be activated on your website. The new visitors will be prompted with an opt-in notification from Truepush service and the old subscribers need to visit your website at least once to automatically migrate to Truepush.

Follow these simple steps to migrate subscribers to Truepush:
Steps to migrate

Read what happens in the background while migrating:
The migration process 

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