Whether you have an e-commerce or blogger website, website traffic is the pulse for success.

SEO strategies are a powerful way to improve your traffic but you have to always cope with the regular Google algorithm updates. Also, it will take at least a few months to get rewards from your search engine optimization techniques. So, relying only on SEO strategies may have a risk of losing potential customers and website traffic.

If you have diversifying website traffic sources then regular Google algorithm updates can not affect your website engagement metrics. This is the reason why marketers concentrate on tips and trends to engage users without SEO traffic.

These other channel traffic will keep your website running until you receive organic traffic from search engines. Apart from conversions and brand exposure, these tips will increase social media presence and link building which will have an effect on fastening your search engine optimization process. 

Importance of Bringing Traffic to Website

You may hear most of the popular marketers saying you should have more website organic traffic to make your site work. The objective of increasing website traffic is not only conversions but adds more to your business or website success.

With a fair amount of website traffic, you will have more opportunities to expand in the time ahead. The larger number of visitors gives more impressions, generates quality leads, and new customers, builds relationships, adding new product lines and conversions.

For example, you have managed to bring various category visitors to your websites. In this case, if you have observed people searching for particular products and returning as they can’t find them. You can add this new product or service to your website, promote it and expand your business. 

In another case, you observe people reaching your website from a particular location. So, you can add new offers, codes, or promotions according to their festive calendar to increase your conversions.

How can I check the traffic on my website?

Checking your website traffic will give insights like where your traffic is coming from, visitors engagement rate, bounce rate, and what marketing techniques are working. You can know where your site stands, and how to improve.

There are many free tools that can help you to check website traffic. One of the popular tools is Google Analytics which is free, easy, and quick to adopt and access. It gives you varied data like the number of visitors, session duration, bounce rate, traffic sources, and more. You can also check infographics like graphs, and bars that can help to understand metrics easily. 

Tips to increase Website traffic Without Using SEO

It is also important to think in unconventional ways to attract audiences. You may be familiar with the SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to increase website traffic but in this article, we will discuss the various approaches to improving website traffic without using SEO techniques.

Approach Audiences with Content

Content is the lifeline of any marketing strategy or website. It is the factor that attracts your visitors to know more about your brand or company. Content marketing is an effective way to drive organic traffic with high-quality content to your website. 

Marketers can approach content marketing with blogs, guest postings, ebooks, infographics, videos, and more. You should simply develop content around topics that are appealing to your readers and include your brand with the context. Websites can publish this content on medium platforms, inclusive website blogs, and social media platforms to attract traffic to the website.

Try to curate engaging and enlightening content to captivate your audience. Do your research on finding keywords, and titles, and create content that can hook your audiences. You can include numbers, concentrate on purpose, and keep it simple to gain attention. Check out 10 working tips to write SEO-friendly content for your website.

Let us observe the blog page of Truepush, a free web push notification tool. They publish informative blogs on topics around marketing, online advertising, research, and more. The writer includes push notification tools in their articles within the context and provides internal links. This will help Truepush to increase website traffic.

Drive Website Traffic with Social Media

You have obviously thought about social media when searching for tips on how to drive traffic without SEO.

The whole point of social media becoming the internal part of every business marketing strategy is reaching targeted audiences. Everyone uses one or the other platform for information updates.

Social media platforms have evolved as a powerful marketing tool from an entertainment platform. About 91.9% of marketers are expected to use social media channels for marketing purposes. You can post a variety of formats of content like photos, videos, infographics, and polls to attract audiences.

In the initial stages try every platform and discover where exactly you can find your ideal audiences with maximum engagement. For example, the maximum number of people seek entertainment and shopping on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It is suggested for entertainment, fashion, and eCommerce websites concentrate on these platforms. Whereas, social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter connect you with the professional world. So, the marketing, job portals, news, and professional blogs websites can find their ideal users.

Ramp up your marketing efforts to reach more audiences on social media. Driving traffic with social media works when you can create brand identity and awareness. This means when users think about a product or service your brand name should pop up in their thoughts. So, provide the brand value before trying to sell your service. We had a detailed blog on 5 brilliant ways to make social media marketing work for your website. 

Here are a few tips for social media marketing

  • Join relevant groups or spaces and interact actively with audiences.
  • Create a Facebook group for your brand and participate actively.
  • Share global updates that are relevant to your business.
  • Make continuous posting on feature updates, pricing changes, fun at the office, etc.
  • Conduct giveaways contests, that will definitely drive more traffic.
  • Always try to have a conversation with visitors by interacting in comments, messages, and posts. 
  • Also, ask your readers to share your articles and blogs on their feed.

Here you can see a Facebook post from the Truepush push notification platform.

Driving website traffic with paid advertising is buying online traffic. While the content and social media marketing are great ways to drive traffic but require a lot of time and effort. But with paid ads on search engines will bring traffic to the website instantly. This is the best way to increase website traffic by controlling your budget.

For example, when you search for “free SEO marketing tools” in a search engine you can observe many search ads as shown in the below screenshot.

Google’s advertising platform is an effective way for all sizes of businesses to reach audiences. Publishers can select location, and timings according to their visitor’s behavior. Also, check for the keyword search volume, bid range, and competitor ads to acquire top positions in the search engines.

With new advertising platforms on social networks, you can land up in front of the right people at the right time with paid ads.

For example, in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard, you find multiple targeting options. So, your ads are put in front of the right audiences without wasting a lot of budgets.

However, with the increase in internet usage, you can find many platforms for display ads like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and Quora. You have to figure out where your audiences are present and reach them.

Link building is a go-to strategy of SEO executives to improve their business websites. When you have a link source from a strong website, the Google algorithm favors your website and increases the rank strengths like domain authority and page authority.

But this is not all about link building. You can actually use it to increase your website traffic and engagement without SEO.  Interested in learning about this check here for more information.    It is a great opportunity to publish your content on different relevant websites, stand in front of your audiences, find new customers, lead generation, and more.

Instead of running for backlinks, you can use these tips to use your link building for improving your website traffic.

  • Encourage your visitors to share the content. For which you need to create interesting and engaging articles, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Generate brand awareness and identity by connecting with effective PR websites in your targeted locations to reach visitors.
  • Do regular guest postings on the relevant websites where you think your right audiences land up.
  • Publish your content in popular mediums so that you can increase website traffic.
  • Regularly answer relevant questions in Quora, which can turn into a great source of organic traffic without any complicated SEO strategy.

Referral Marketing

It’s in human nature that they discuss the products or services that reach their expectation or serve them effectively. This is where referral marketing comes into the picture to increase your website traffic without SEO.

This strategy is very effective in eCommerce stores, hotel and flight bookings, food websites, and health websites. In this, you can ask existing customers to share about your service with their friends or family and gain incentives for discounts, special offers, and more.

If you are confident about your product or service, this is the best working strategy to increase website traffic without using SEO.

Guest Posting, Blog Commenting on Relevant Websites

Guest blogging and blog commenting are effective ways to drive traffic without making any efforts in the SEO world.

Imagine, your niche website drives huge engaged readers to the website blog page. If you manage to post your article it could bring traffic to websites, that are interesting and relevant. Guest posting is an opportunity to reach new audiences who can become your long-term users.

Any website would like to accept your guest post when it reaches the below criteria like 

  • If you can curate unique and high-quality content.
  • When the content is very relevant to their business.
  • If provided researched information to their readers.
  • Content that can help them to improve their user engagement.

So, start your research in this order to reach your niche websites requirements and help you to maintain long relationships that can help to increase website traffic.

What are the advantages of publishing guest post articles?

  • You reach the most relevant and new set of audiences to promote your website.
  • Increases the high chances of ranking in search results for competitive keywords.
  • Get targeted exposure and build a strong backlink profile which is good for search engine visibility.
  • It also helps to improve your brand authority, and awareness and generate quality leads.

So, go find the best niche websites from search engines that accept guest posts and increase website traffic without SEO.

To Sum Up

The regular changing of Google algorithms gives us a reason that we should not depend only on search engine optimization techniques to increase website traffic or top rankings.

The strategies discussed can help you to drive targeted traffic towards your websites and also check our working tips to engage visitors longer. Use one of the mentioned tips or all together to transform the way of attracting visitors to your website.